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Discontent creator. Big fan of living things.

Award-losing journalism is at @guacamayan

Photos: me, soda pop and ferns

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Remember everybody: The whole NY AG case against Trump began because Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representing Queens & the Bronx, asked Michael Cohen if he had ever seen the Trump Org overstate assets to one audience and understate them to another.

This is what Congressional questions can do. It is a travesty that most members just rant for 5 minutes and then give witnesses 5 seconds to respond.


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@arstechnica googly eyes in space

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We may now know who’s behind the lead-tainted cinnamon in toddler fruit pouches

At least 413 people, mostly young children, in 43 states have been poisoned.


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@arstechnica Carl?

Next time you play Clue:
It was Carl, in Ecuador, with a spice grinder.

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Mozilla expands its privacy focus with Monitor Plus data broker removal service

Service pledges to automatically remove you from listing sites for $100/year.


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@arstechnica as Scott Galloway has been saying for years, privacy is becoming a luxury good

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This is fine.

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    @briankrebs it sounds annoying but are false fire calls now swatting? Does your fire department show up with M4 rifles and tactical gear?

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