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Best deck games for a flight? (as in...possibly running on batteries)

Hi guys! So, yeah...Which games are good for a nice gaming session while on a flight? Last time I played one of the newer Tomb Raider games, and while performance was good, it decked (heh) the battery in less than 1h... So, while I like these too, if the flight doesn't have a socket under the seat I might want to play games that...

outstanding_bond ,

Wife and I did Dorf Romantik on a recent long train ride and we had a great time. It’s very cozy/calm which helps when you want to stay low energy and not bother your neighbors. And I fully agree with the battery pack idea - it gives me a ton of peace of mind when I’m traveling.

outstanding_bond ,

What in the world is the original context here? Have these people never encountered a puddle before? Her foot is completely immersed in gutter water and his white pants are about to be soaked and gross.

outstanding_bond ,

I like how the first message is in both languages, but the second is only in English.

outstanding_bond ,

The Surviving Mars OST is spectacular, though the gameplay is just good.

outstanding_bond ,

New construction sometimes doesn’t even help, when developers knocks down an old affordable 12 unit apartment building and build a luxury 36 unit building, you’ve created -12 units of affordable housing.

The argument I hear against this is that the 36 people who move into the luxury apartments moved from somewhere, and so 36 other apartments become available. The reduced demand for the vacated apartments then drives their prices down.

Of course, housing as a market is super distorted for a bunch of reasons so this effect is muddled. But I think it would be a net negative to fully disregard supply and demand in a market-based economy and preserve 12 affordable units in favor of 36 luxury ones.

Largely agree with all your other points though.

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