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nekandro ,

Democracy good, protestors free, speech free, police...

nekandro OP ,

I try my best for this community :)

nekandro OP ,

7nm isn't close to 5nm? There's a difference of 45%? What! No way!

Fact is, the Huawei Mate 60 has moved over 30 million units. While that's in no way comparable to Apple's 200+ million units annually, it's a significant scale representing a robust supply chain that's capable of churning out functioning chips. If, by your claims, yields are low because of an immature process, then you'd only expect yields to go up as the process matures.

Yield is not a static factor, but one built on by process development and co-design. You can look at how Intel's yields have increased over the years: they refrained from using EUV on their 10nm (Intel 7) process and, while they ran into a bunch of engineering challenges and delays, still ended up shipping Intel 7 at scale.

These aren't unsolvable issues, but ones of engineering and manpower and skill. EUV still requires multi-patterning for 3nm, so it's not like the problem has been eliminated.

nekandro ,

The Philippines, notorious for inventing and being the primary user of cyanide fishing?

Japan, largely responsible for decimating bluefin tuna population in the Pacific?

Canada and the US, responsible for polluting waterways and putting salmon fisheries on the verge of collapse? Maybe for culling Northern Cod populations to 1% of their historical levels.

Oh, you mean China, which produces 73% of it's fishery output from aquaculture. China accounts for 19.2% of global catch (i.e., fishing) and 61.5% of global aquaculture.

nekandro ,

You're arguing against... Numbers? By the numbers, China's contribution to the world's wild fishing is proportional to their population (~18% of the world), and most of China's fish supply comes from aquaculture.

The fact that you're focusing on this 18% (mind you, China does control a good chunk of the world's productive fisheries just due to the sheer scale of the rivers in China) rather than the remaining 82%...

Arguing that China is overexploiting global fisheries, frankly, doesn't look at the quantitative data.

nekandro ,

UNSC security guarantees are, though.

nekandro ,

Let's be clear: your claim is that no fighting occurred before Russia's invasion in 2022?

nekandro OP ,

Randal Phillips is founder and president of HFBB Associates, a strategic consultancy on China and Asia issues. Until recently Randy also served as managing partner for Asia of the Mintz Group, managing the group’s activities across Asia. He spent 28 years with the Central Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Operations, most recently serving as the chief CIA representative in China and has an extensive background in foreign field operations, policy and program management, and leadership development.

Yeah I don't think these are just "suspicions"

Bain & Co, Mintz Group, and Captivision are among the US firms raided

nekandro ,

Buddy didn't bother to read the whole article, huh? The blurb OP is quoting is literally at the bottom.

nekandro ,

Wrong country bud

nekandro ,

Oversupply in real estate causing banking debts to go underwater is the same problem, regardless of how that oversupply happened.

nekandro ,

In a 2007 pro-gun rights video, Navalny presents himself as a “certified nationalist” who wants to exterminate “flies and cockroaches” – while bearded Muslim men appear in cutaways. He whips out a gun and shoots an actor wearing a keffiyeh who tried to “attack” him.

Yeah maybe overt Russian white nationalists shouldn't be revered and their supporters shouldn't be given the right to freedom of expression.

nekandro ,

Oh great, so he's a covert Russian white nationalist who only wants to exterminate Muslims in secret.


nekandro ,

People are ignoring the shit show election in Pakistan for... This?

nekandro OP ,

Burn the world down baby

The US is ramping up O&G extraction for North America, Norway is ramping up O&G extraction for Europe, meanwhile OPEC+ is instituting stricter supply limits and China is in the process of peaking fossil fuel consumption half a decade ahead of schedule.

nekandro OP ,

It was the Russians

It wasn't the Russians but they were paid by Russia

It wasn't the Russians but they were brainwashed by Russian propaganda

It wasn't the Russians but it only happened because Russia was doing bad stuff

It wasn't the Russians but it was a rogue actor and not the Ukrainians either

It wasn't the Russians but it was only a small faction in Ukraine

It was the Ukrainians and had no connection with foreign parties

It was the Ukrainians who had grown up or been trained in America, but no further connection

It was the Ukrainians who were brainwashed by American propaganda

It was the Ukrainians who were paid by American private interests

It was the Ukrainians who were paid off by covert forces in the American government

It was the Americans

Just like for Nordstream, I wonder where we will end up on this spectrum...

nekandro ,

Which is why WW2 led to no innovation and why NASA did nothing new, right?

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