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No, because then people would be able to exit it. I'd say they are :, w and enter.

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Yes, we use it. However, it's more common to say "hubiera". There's no specific rule to differenciate between both, but at least in the center and north of spain we mostly use "hubiera" for first person and "hubiese" for third person.

"Ojalá hubiera podido ir, pero tenía deberes" (yo)

"Ojalá David hubiese venido, se lo habría pasado bien" (él)

As I said, both options would be correct in both cases, and probably in other places they use the words differently.

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Java code is run inside a client (JRE) that provides it a non system-dependent runtime environment. If there's a JRE for your OS, all java programs should work fine regardless of the OS.

This is the case with Minecraft, for example. When the launcher was still based on Java, you could run the Windows executables on Linux and it worked.

However, some programs might still not work on another OS despite it having a JRE. That could be caused by intentional limitations or the use of a system-specific library.

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I have a Core 2 Duo laptop from 2007 running Void Linux too!

And another Core 2 Duo tower PC running Arch Linux.

Core 2 Duos still have some life left in them, and they're extremely cheap nowadays. I think I got the tower PC for 13€ second hand, and I've hosted countless things on it without problems.

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Fun fact. When you open Microsoft Edge for the first time, and there's no clear button to deny it permission to access your info, Alt F4 doesn't work.

I've never seen an app ignore Alt F4 like that (I didn't know it was even possible), and it freaked me out a bit the first time.

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Spaces can exist in filenames. The only problem is that they have to be escaped. As the comment that you reread explained, cat hello world.txt would print the files hello and world.txt. If you wanted to print the file "hello world.txt" you'd either need to quote it (cat "hello world.txt") or escape the space (cat hello\ world.txt)

black0ut OP ,

People are really creative when it comes to potholes, huh?

I do like this way of dealing with them though. You get a laugh, it doesn't harm anyone and gets the potholes noticed.

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I haven’t tried anything complicated, but it does switch languages when you do. I’ve only tried GPT 3.5 though, and only with prompts that “ended” in one answer (not something like asking the AI to play characters or answer in a certain way, but questions that can be answered in a single message)

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Discord on Xorg is a mess too. It’s not even the electron part, the app itself is really bad.

Not only it’s inefficient, but (at least in Arch) it doesn’t auto update on big versions. And instead of just warning you, it refuses to start until you manually install the new update. And god forbid if the package mantainers need a day or two to update the package, because until then you can’t use it.

The funniest thing is, there’s a file in the app’s directory called “build_info.json” which contains the version number, and with a simple edit you can make it think it’s updated, and it suddenly works without problem.

I really don’t know what they’re updating, but I have a version from 2021 running on my phone (it’s old and the new app is really slow), and it still works fine. Even after the account handle change and several other additions to the app.

Oh, and for the Arch users: there’s a discord version on the AUR called “discord-canary-electron-bin” that uses system wide electron, so it should be updated faster than discord’s own bundled electron. I don’t know if there’s a non canary version of it, tho.

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On summer we normally hit 40+ (in some places even 45+) in Spain. I can confirm it’s hellish.

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Wasn’t macOS based on Gnome and not the other way around?

I always thought so, but I really don’t know where I got the idea from.

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the fact that you have to go to other years proves that this happens way more rarely in France than in the USA. In fact, you can see that in all of the graphs there are gun related deaths in every country.

The point is that it happens 100 times more in the USA than in any other developed country

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you can’t really hot swap the kernel, because all of the system runs on it.

you’d need to stop the system (you can save its state and recover where you left), reboot to load the new kernel and let it take control.

however, there are some distros and programs that allow you to hot swap certain parts of the kernel (mainly drivers) without rebooting. Note that, even though the system doesn’t reboot, most packages still need to be restarted for them to pick up the new driver.

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    I use AdGuard on Firefox, and I’ve seen the pop up. So far I haven’t been able to get rid of it, but I can still close it and continue watching.

    I also have custom blocking lists, Privacy Badger, tampermonkey and PiHole, so it might be a problem with one of those instead of AdGuard.

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    It’s faster than network data transfer. I don’t know exactly how fast can WiFi go, but most if the time it can’t even exceed 1Gbps. However, USB-C 4 V2 can reach 80 Gbps, and isn’t all that affected by electromagnetic interference.

    For transfering a few photos, you won’t notice a difference. But if you need to back up a 256 GB phone, the difference in speed is actually big.

    black0ut ,

    Most people do what you say, but there are places where you don’t have a stable internet connection, or people who like to keep their storage offline.

    I don’t mean to say that there are no alternatives to a fast cable, or that most people should use it. But it’s a feature that comes with the cable, and there shouldn’t be someone trying to cap it just for profit.

    The controllers for the communication protocol probably cost something like 8 cents, Apple shouldn’t screw their customers over that little cost. Even with a feature most people won’t use, because it’s nice knowing that you have the possibility to use it if you need to.

    black0ut ,

    Pi-hole on a raspberry pi zero-2 W. The thing I like the most is that you can run it with unbound as an upstream DNS provider, so you can have your own private DNS at home without filtering your traffic to another DNS provider.

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