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trans dyke hacking on @QueeriousLabs and DDoSecrets she/her (xey/xem or ey/em if you're bored with binaries); no child zone, 18+ only

current twitter handle: @defnotbeka

former twitter handles: @beka_valentine @illegally_beka

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a friend talking about @pluralistic's new book The Lost Cause:

"Fucking great book though, both hate and love this vision for the future. Very motivating, is this just how you feel all the time? Insane"

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Has anyone read Doctorow's new book "The lost cause" yet?

IMO it's as fuck, though it's not the cozy feel-good, post-problem-solarpunk but rather the gritty, traumatic kind. Still, it's full of hope, solidarity and people being there for each other.

I liked it a lot and ripped through it in a single weekend (though I'm not sure it tops walkaway for me).

beka_valentine ,
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@lex @alxd i think it can plausibly be seen as a prequel to walkaway even if @pluralistic didn't intend it that way. not sure either way. it just feels like it's clearly able to dovetail into the walkaway future nicely

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fwah. just finished @pluralistic's The Lost Cause for a second time

such an amazing book.

i have two copies to give away. if anyone wants one, hmu. it's REALLY good, and you should read it asap

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