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TiredInsomniac OP ,

I apologize, I thought that the title and the comic itself would be enough credit for authors.

TiredInsomniac OP ,

Let me say that I really like “Fisher Price interface”

YouTube once again ahead of uBO on Firefox; fiddling with the extension settings not working this time and DDG search is useless ... anyone got ideas?

Pretty much the subject line. uBO has successfully blocked the nag screen enough times that I can’t play anything at this point. No preview loads, and the play button serves no function. I’d really prefer not to have to find content on YT, copy the URL and use Piped/Invidious, but this ongoing escalation is steeling my...

TiredInsomniac ,

If you don’t mind the impossibility to login, check out Freetube.

For Android, you may use NewPipe, LibreTube or Youtube Vanced.

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