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Proletarian democracy

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Democracy in which the bourgeoisie are denied political agency as class relations are in the process of being dissolved. The problem isn't actually democracy, the problem is that in a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie (democracy where capitalists are in control) capitalist interests override democracy.

Not that democracy doesn't have problems inherently, but they're pretty minor compared to the problems we are facing.

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There’s nothing stopping people in the lower classes from investing.


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Any sources there or do you just lie for fun?

Edit: an article on this kind of behavior:https://redsails.org/false-witnesses/

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Hexbear thread dunking on this:


Highlights include

Funny how we constantly get told we support capitalist Russia, yet they never actually provide evidence for that.

I'm not surprised tho as lying about communists seems to be second nature to Western bootlickers


i love how that dude makes an absolutely ridiculous assumption, as i've never seen a "tankie" deny that current russia is reactionary as fuck, but since he's saying Bad Thing about The Tankies everyone just goes "hmm yea those tankies amirite? smh"

liberals are fucking idiots, they never have any idea of what they're actually talking about and just throw around concepts and categories with the level of understanding of a monkey playing with a power tool


"We support the Russian Federation's opposition to US imperialism. We oppose their reactionary government including the state suppression of lgbtq+ people, minority nationalities and ethnic groups, etc. Using these issues as cudgels for US/NATO imperialism hurts all people in Russia, including oppressed minorities, and undermines the progressive nature of those liberation struggles in that country."

"Smdh tankies are pro-russia homophobes"

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They don't, you've fallen for anti-communist disinfo

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Yeah, really doing Cuba dirty by ignoring their military contributions to ending apartheid!

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So they can buy less commodities but generally still manage to live longer lives, are more able to read which means they can pursue intellectual and cultural pursuits, etc?

Sounds like a good trade, I bet it would be an even better trade without the blockade.

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Yes, I dont like it how they refuse to enact any violence on fascist politicians.

Ron DeSantis is out here killing trans people, I'd vote for democrats in a heartbeat if they strung him up like Mussolini

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Ultraleftism = above 90 percent home ownership in all socialist nations that we have reliable data on :)

Donald Trump shares image of Joe Biden bound and gagged ( www.seattletimes.com )

Former president Donald Trump disseminated on social media on Friday an image of President Biden with his hands and feet tied and his mouth gagged, the latest example of the Republican candidate’s use of increasingly violent rhetoric and imagery this campaign season....

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Fascist threatens liberal president, liberals in power scream "someone has to do something about this!" And then do nothing

Trump could be shot for treason, in an open and shut way(stealing nuclear secrets) but liberals aren't going to do it, because for structural reasons liberals are incapable of opposing fascism.

(Liberal in this case is used the normal way, and not the "liberal= left wing" way)

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Oh wow, transphobia and a suicide joke from someone who hates hexbear, how surprising.

Also it isnt a superiority complex to have a basic understanding of history.

I would love to be proven wrong, it would be interesting from a historical perspective due to liberals previous inability to fight fascism, and also I wouldn't end up in a concentration camp for being trans, and communist, and Jewish. But until I'm proven wrong I'll keep being a communist, because communism has the best antifascist record and I dont want to get gassed.

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Yeah, I wish the admin policy was different.

U.S. signs off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel ( www.washingtonpost.com )

The Biden administration in recent days quietly authorized the transfer of billions of dollars in bombs and fighter jets to Israel despite Washington’s concerns about an anticipated military offensive in southern Gaza that could threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians....

Worldnews .ml modding is on par with reddit's censorship

I know that lemmy's moto is if you don't like it here make your own, but for communities with big sub numbers and where current event discussions happens. banning controversial political opinions is not what I would have expected from the fediverse after having left corporate media, which could be excused for having to answer to...

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What comment deletion OP is throwing a fit about. OP basically claimed jews controlled the US. That OP wasn't given a ban is surprising, and will be corrected.


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Lol drawing moral equivalence between fascism and armed resistance to fascism?

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Yep, that's a tempban

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America is an endless expansionist that has illegally invaded multiple neighbours by force while calling it a “military exercise”.


America has a semi dictator that gave themselves full unlimited power after being elected once and has since then meddled in every election in order to win

The US literally overthrew their democracy, and then when elections took place within a bourgeois 'democracy' interfered in those too. Russia post-overthrow of USSR could never have become a democracy, the US wouldn't have allowed it.

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the war and major imperialism was done a long time ago.

This is literally a myth that papers over their current warmongering and imperialism

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I for one wouldn't have used unrest as a chance to do a coup. But if I did, I wouldn't have planned who to install in what positions over an unsecure line.

And so, Ukraine would have stayed a democracy that is more economically aligned with Russia, and Russia wouldn't have invaded.

I for one, wouldn't have spent 40 years trying to overthrow a proletarian democracy, eventually succeeding in sponsoring a coup.

So Ukraine and Russia wouldn't be right wing nationalist nations and would instead be part of a progressive federation.

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It is literally from anti-colonial theory lmao

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The Biden regime still routinely kidnaps immigrant children from their families and puts them all in concentration camps.

"A little bit left" my whole ass.

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I dont even think it is about 3rd party stuff, I think it is about

"The facade of democracy gives us legitimacy, come on folks just participate in our democracy! Don't think about how the system could be otherwise changed!"

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Do you actually care about queer people? Because it is obvious that the democrats as a national party will do nothing to protect us, let alone build bulwarks against the next time Republicans take power nationally.

"Vote to get sent to a camp four years later" is what I hear the democrats trying to sell. Sorry but that isn't a very compelling sales pitch, because you're out here admitting "we are going to kill you"

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I forget, which country gives Israel the tools it needs to kill hundreds of thousands of children and maintain an apartheid state?

OurToothbrush ,

"Hey calm down do a ceasefire"

"No. May I please have more ordnance so I can keep doing my genocide?"


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I love seeing incredibly uniformed opinions around Marxist leninist positions.

Have you ever read like, anything a serious marxist leninist theorist and organizer wrote about conditions in the United States?

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I don’t remember a time where kidnapping people and putting them into concentration camps away from their families wasn’t left, actually it seems pretty common in former and current communist countries lol…

The funniest part of this shitty rhetoric is you thinking that former communist countries are left wing. No, when the US overthrows your left wing government and installs a right wing dictatorship/psuedodemocracy thats actually a right wing system now.

What an incredible admission to not knowing shit about dick and still being ignorant enough to think your opinion matters.

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Israel wouldn't be able to exist without the sponsorship of the US, that's where it gets most of its shit from. Also wow, almost all those countries are subordinates to the US. How coincidental.

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You used present tense for former communist countries.

Also, your whole thing is literally just repackaged blood libel about those "judeo-bolsheviks". Which is less funny but even more pathetic.

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Are you not literally claiming that those nasty jews communists had a habit of kidnapping kids? Or are you going to plead ignorance about the connection between antisemitism and anticommunism?

Your literal words were

actually it seems pretty common in former and current communist countries lol…

Not, "it seems like it was pretty common in former communist countries"

Please, find me sources for these massive instances of child kidnapping.

Also, love it when liberals are like "oh, sure, we put kids in concentration camps, but so do socialist countries(unsourced)" aren't y'all the kind to complain about "whatabaoutism"?

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Here is a source on the Biden regime's genocidal actions, feel free to follow the links on the family seperation case.

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I mean, you obviously have not read enough if you think MLs are "burn it all down, don't worry about the consequences" you understand Republicans because you've been exposed to them throughout your life, how many times have you had a long conversation with a communist?

I am not surprised someone linked you to "on authority" but reading a brief retort to anarchists is not the same as understanding dialectical materialism, scientific socialism, the business cycle, the tendency or rate of profit to fall, uneven development theory, marxist feminism, marxist anticolonialism, proletarian democracy, prefigurative politics, etc

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Yes, Israel shouldn't be allowed to exist. Israel is an affront to and attack on all Jews, perpetrated by Christian zionists, including Nazi Germany.

There should be a secular democracy without a tiered citizenship system that respects the rights of local jews, Muslims, and Christians, as much as it respects the rights of European immigrants.

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Wait, is Joe Biden promising to kill Trump if elected? Shit, why didn't you say so?

OurToothbrush ,

I don’t agree with what’s happening in Israel/Palestine either, but I’m more concerned at how often it’s being used as this “trump card” to lower Biden to Trump’s level. It’s still not remotely close.

(Holds up mirror)

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You're more concerned with how this will affect Biden than the actual genocide itself? That's what I'm pointing out you saying in your comment.

OurToothbrush ,

You're right, that is terrible, Biden isn't so uncouth while fully materially supporting the genocide.

OurToothbrush ,

You literally didn't read the full article did you

like most of the stuff that people are complaining about, it stated with Trump

Oh, well if it just started under Trump, that's fine then. As long as Trump did it first, it is okay if Biden continues doing it.

OurToothbrush , (edited )

Biden just visited the border with a Trump to talk about being tough on immigration.

Hell, he literally has executive authority over ICE, and yet ICE is still up to their gestapo bullshit.

I think Biden cares more about not letting states walk over his domain of power than he does about immigrants. This was a friendly with segregationists, still currently opposes right to abortion, fossil who is in the process of enabling genocide. I dont know why you'd think he gives 2 shits about treating immigrants like the human beings they are and not as vermin.

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Why do you assume I don’t know these ideas just because I don’t agree with you?

Because you straight up said you've avoided looking into it in detail, your previous words:

I have read some, but I don’t need to read deep republican theory to see why their ideas are fundamentally wrong any more than I need to “read theory” to see fundamental issues with “Marxist” positions.

Also because from what I've read, you take a fundamentally reformist position which Marx painstakingly disproved the viability of over 150 years ago. If you've read capital to completion, or hell, just understood some of their short texts very well and extrapolated things yourself, you'd know a reformist position is unviable, and even if it were viable, would be magnitudes more violent than the worst mistakes and excesses of any ML movement.

I disagree fundamentally with the methods even if our compassion may be in common.

What methods do you disagree were inappropriate for the situations they occurred in? Because marxist leninists will probably agree that there was a mistake there to learn from, or will point out factors that might you might be uniformed or misinformed about.

OurToothbrush ,

I looked into it in detail enough to know what I need to know. I also didn’t read Mein Kampf, should I read that before deciding I don’t agree with fascism or is it enough to know that fascism fundamentally harms people and it doesn’t matter what Mein Kampf says?

Wait, you don't want to understand the ideology that saved the world from German fascism, the ideology that supported and enabled liberation movements worldwide, the ideology that took Russia from a feudal backwater to space in 40 years, that advanced woman's rights in that time frame past women's rights in modern western countries? Why don't you want to understand the ideology of the most lgbt friendly government in the world, Cuba? Why don't you want to understand the ideology of countries that were historically much less violent than bourgeois 'democracies'?

Disproved to you maybe, these are not facts. The bible proves things to Christians, they are wrong too.

This is a flawed analogy because the Bible expects you to take things on faith, and Marx expects to have to thoroughly defend his position as it is a position contrary to the interests of capital. i love how you're arguing "well I'm not convinced" while refusing to even engage with basic ideas.

Some real taught to be afraid of shadows shit if you ask me.

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Racism isn't a holdover is is actively perpetuated in order to defend the current system.

OurToothbrush Mod ,

Racism serves to keep the working class divided and to create and terrorize an underclass

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Anti-colonial nationalism is fine actually. Not ideal but it is basically "everyone here regardless of more local culture should unite in a combined struggle to overthrow the oppressors" as opposed to colonial nationalism.

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