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I’m a bit of a news junkie.

I’m also MicroWave on lemm.ee.

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White Rural Trump Supporters Are a Threat to Democracy ( www.thedailybeast.com )

In the popular imagination of many Americans, particularly those on the left side of the political spectrum, the typical MAGA supporter is a rural resident who hates Black and Brown people, loathes liberals, loves gods and guns, believes in myriad conspiracy theories, has little faith in democracy, and is willing to use violence...

Georgia Senate passes bill banning taxpayer, private funds for American Library Association ( apnews.com )

Georgia’s Senate passed a bill Thursday that would ban libraries from spending public or private funds on services offered by the American Library Association, which a Republican member of the chamber called a “Marxist and socialist” group....

Kinmen: Tensions still high in the waters off Taiwan islands visible from China’s shore. But for locals, life goes on ( www.cnn.com )

Two weeks after two Chinese fishermen drowned while being chased by Taiwan’s coast guard, tensions remain high in the waters around Kinmen, a group of outlying islands controlled by Taiwan but nestled just a stone’s throw from the shores of China....

Shooting down 11 jets in 11 days, Ukraine nudges the Russian Air Force closer to organizational death-spiral ( www.forbes.com )

The Russian air force lost another Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bomber on Thursday, the Ukrainian air force claimed. If confirmed, the Thursday shoot-down would extend an unprecedented hot streak for Ukrainian air-defenses....

Mississippi police unconstitutionally jailed people for unpaid fines, Justice Department says ( apnews.com )

A Mississippi police department in one of the nation’s poorest counties unconstitutionally jailed people for unpaid fines without first assessing whether they could afford to pay them, the U.S. Department of Justice said Thursday....

Texts show prosecutor's ex-law partner gave info for effort to remove Fani Willis from election case ( apnews.com )

Attorneys for Donald Trump and other defendants in the Georgia election interference case hoped that lawyer Terrence Bradley would provide key testimony in support of their effort to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis — and they had good reason for their optimism....

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