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Djinn ,

“Accountability is WOKE!” - Ron Pudding Fingers DeSantis

Djinn Mod ,

What kind of genres are you into? It'd help narrow down recommendations.

I'm a big fan of For All Mankind. It's an alt-history scifi series from Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, 2003). The fourth season just concluded last month too, so it'll keep you occupied for awhile.

MAGA women want a Hallmark "home for the holidays" fantasy — but their votes run their kids off | analyzing Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and their audience ( )

This is actually a great analysis of Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies, and why their plots frequently center on 30-something year old women who abandon their successful big city lives to move back to their home towns and marry the handsome "boy next door." It seems to be a very popular fantasy among the network's primary...

Djinn ,

There's actually a simple explanation for that. Much like the "conservative/christian entertainment" industry the alt-tech movement is primarily composed of failures and hacks who couldn't cut it in the mainstream field.

Djinn , (edited )

Politically-engaged Redditors tend to be more toxic -- even in non-political subreddits ( )

Politically-engaged Redditors tend to be more toxic -- even in non-political subreddits::A new study links partisan activity on the Internet to widespread online toxicity, revealing that politically-engaged users exhibit uncivil behavior even in non-political discussions. The findings are based on an analysis of hundreds of...

Djinn ,

If you don’t understand one of those positions is objectively bad then that says a whole lot about you.

Djinn ,

Aha! You are bad because of the way you think. The classic.

Yes, dumb too.

Djinn , (edited )

Bigotry such as the transphobic rhetoric the OP of this thread was referencing is objectively bad. And I have zero interest in your attempt to defend child abuse.

Norman Lear’s Legacy of Inclusive Storytelling: “He Was a Conscience for America” ( )

The legendary television producer, who died on Tuesday at age 101, was a champion of diverse casts as well as story subjects that tackled real-world social issues including racism, sexism and religious intolerance.

USB-C confirmed for the iPhone 15 in new leaked images - Macworld ( )

We’ve known that the iPhone is switching to USB-C for a while now, but there was always a possibility that Apple would stick with Lightning for one more year. Based on the latest leaked images, however, Apple is all-in on USB-C for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, with USB-C parts for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and...

Djinn ,

If that were the cheaper thing to do I have no doubt they would’ve done it. Personally, I figured they were more likely go portless/wireless charging before being forced to USB-C but I guess that’s not entirely feasible yet.

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