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Judge finds evidence that Tesla, Musk knew about Autopilot defect that led to killing of Florida man (

Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor, called the judge’s summary of the evidence significant because it suggests “alarming inconsistencies” between what Tesla knew internally, and what it was saying in its marketing....

Facebook Watches Teens Online As They Prep for College (

An investigation by the media organization The Markup found the pixel by Facebook and Instagram-parent Meta on dozens of popular websites targeting kids from kindergarten to college, including sites that students are all but required to use if they want to participate in school activities or apply to college....

Swedish company Northvolt develops new state-of-the-art sodium-ion battery produced with locally sourced materials, entirely independent of traditional battery value chains (

In a statement, Northvolt says its validated cell is more safe, cost-effective, and sustainable than conventional nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMC) or iron phosphate (LFP) chemistries and is produced with minerals such as iron and sodium that are abundant on global markets....

‘You live in your own bubble’: Swedish city of Luleå takes on loneliness with a simple hi (

While many have their own hobbies that keep them going through the cold dark winter months here – ice swimming, cross-country skiing, walking on the “ice road” out into the archipelago – one thing remains a problem: loneliness. In an attempt to counter that, authorities in Luleå have launched a campaign to ease that...

Political attack on human rights is a ‘dangerous’ assault on UK democracy, says Human Rights Watch director (

“With previous governments there was always an attempt to at least try to appear as if they were complying with domestic or international human rights law and to respect the courts and human rights institutions,” HRW director Yasmine Ahmed said. “Now there is no attempt to do this – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.”...

Rishi Sunak Reportedly Said "It Was Okay To Just Let People Die" Rather than Impose a Second Lockdown, Covid Inquiry Hears (

Patrick Vallance, who was the government’s chief scientific adviser during COVID, made a note in his diary on October 25, 2020, about a meeting involving then Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sunak, who was finance minister....

NYC-based Citibank Ordered to Pay $25.9 Million for Intentional, Illegal Discrimination Against Armenian Americans by Giving Consumers False Reasons for Credit Denials (

Citibank, N.A., a national bank with headquarters in New York City that issues consumer credit cards, including retail services credit cards for companies like Home Depot and Best Buy, will pay $1.4 million to harmed consumers along with a $24.5 million penalty, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) says in a...

Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records (

a surveillance program now known as Data Analytical Services (DAS) is run in coordination with the telecom giant AT&T has for more than a decade allowed federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to mine the details of Americans’ calls, analyzing the phone records of countless people who are not suspected of any crime,...

A secret Google deal let Spotify completely bypass Android’s app store fees (

Google fought to keep the Spotify numbers private during its antitrust fight with Epic, saying they could damage negotiations with other app developers who might want more generous rates. Google’s User Choice Billing program, launched in 2022, is typically described as shaving about 4 percent off Google’s Play Store...

YouTube Says New 5-Second Video Load Delay Is Supposed to Punish Ad Blockers, Not Firefox Users (

In a statement, Google did not provide specifics but also did not deny implementing an artificial wait time. “To support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube, we’ve launched an effort to urge viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try...

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<a href="">YouTube Says New 5-Second Video Load Delay Is Supposed to Punish Ad Blockers, Not Firefox Users</a>

Firefox users are reporting an ‘artificial’ load time on YouTube videos. YouTube says it’s part of a plan to make people who use adblockers “experience suboptimal viewing, regardless of the browser they are using.”

United Nations set to investigate Russia's "militarization of childhood as a state crime" (

In January 2024, a UN committee expectedly calls on Russia to answer about the children deported from Ukraine: about their number; about granting Russian citizenship to them, in contradiction with international humanitarian law; about guarantees for their return to Ukraine and the preservation of their identity, citizenship,...

Canada must do everything possible to combat Russia’s abduction of Ukrainian children --- [Opinion] (

Recent reports have confirmed that Russia has transferred more than 19,000 Ukrainian children – and possibly significantly more – in a campaign of “Russification” aimed at their forced assimilation and permanent separation from their nation, write Payam Akhavan, Human Rights Chair at the University of Toronto’s Massey...

Scientists set to expose chaos and disagreement in UK government at Covid inquiry (

Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, will make an all-day appearance on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, the former deputy chief medical officer, and the current chief scientific adviser, Prof Dame Angela McLean – who described the-then chancellor Rishi Sunak as “Dr Death” in the...

'Big Four' accounting firm PwC served dozens of Russian billionaires through its Cyprus branch, undermining global efforts to punish Putin’s allies and stymie support for Russia’s war machine (

PwC’s work for Russian billionaires is part of a global system of enablers who, at a time of war, have undermined Western efforts to hurt Russian oligarchs financially and to sow discontent with Putin in their ranks....

Tibet’s government-in-exile urges Australia not to ‘compromise’ on China’s human rights record (

Norzin Dolma, a minister of the Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamshala in India, met Australian MPs from across the political spectrum on Thursday to warn against a “quiet diplomacy” approach to “gross human rights abuses” and “brutal suppression” in Tibet....

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China Is Slowly Erasing Tibet’s Name

The Chinese government is gradually dropping the name “Tibet” in official English-language references in favor of the region’s Mandarin Chinese name—“Xizang”—with experts saying the move is in line with Beijing policies aimed at erasing Tibetan culture.

The propaganda department of China’s State Council, its central government, last week released a white paper on “Governance of Xizang in the New Era.” Though the term “Tibetan” is used to refer to the region’s people and geographical features like the Tibetan Plateau, Xizang is used exclusively when referring to the southwestern region’s official name.

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I may be mistaken, but I personally think they do that for money and for money only. They don’t have political views and no principles.

Two Bipartisan Measures to Strengthen U.S. Response to Putin’s War (

Two active members of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, joined by 51 colleagues, introduced two bipartisan pieces of legislation in further response to Russian atrocities in Ukraine by strengthening the current ban on Russian petroleum products as well as supporting Ukrainian reconstruction and recovery....

Concerns as China welcomes David Cameron’s return as foreign secretary (

Chinese state media have welcomed the appointment of the former prime minister David Cameron as the UK’s foreign secretary, as opponents of Beijing raised concerns about the return of a figure closely associated with the “golden era” of UK-China relations.

Australian naval divers injured after being subjected to Chinese warship’s sonar pulses (

The acting prime minister, Richard Marles, on Saturday said the Australian government had expressed “serious concerns” to Chinese officials after Australia’s HMAS Toowoomba encountered a People’s Liberation Army-Navy destroyer....

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Pressure on PM to front up over Chinese naval incident

The Coalition is pressing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to reveal if he personally challenged China’s President Xi Jinping about injuries inflicted on Australian seamen by a People’s Liberation Army warship last week […]

The government is now facing criticism for waiting until the end of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in San Francisco to reveal the incident, in which a Chinese navy destroyer used sonar close to Australian divers causing them to cease repair operations and suffer minor injuries.

Defence Minister Richard Marles issued a statement just after Mr Albanese finished addressing the media in the US and ahead of his flight back to Australia, ensuring the prime minister did not have to answer questions hot on the heels of meeting with Mr Xi on the sidelines of the summit.

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the dubious estimates nH Predict spits out seem to be a feature, not a bug

This is the major problem with algorithms, one of the issue being that they will produce a lot of false positives even if there are best intentions.

But another major problem is that you can influence the outcome by altering the parameters as the article also says. We have been observing similar issues in health and social policy in many countries over the last years, and the results have always been devastating. And research suggests that biases may increases dramatically in the future if we continue to use these algorithms the way we do it now.

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It reads strange if the Israelian military takes journalists on a “controlled” visit given the Israeli government’s sentiment towards journalists, when they NOT control them. Just a remainder here or here or here.

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