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To everyone who already sponsor my work: thank you!

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To everyone who does not already sponsor my work: please consider to do so! If you benefit from using PHPUnit, then it is in your best interest that I am able to continue to work on .

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Hi! Are you a or other professional? Cool, but also, condolences.

We here at want to help. We're a purpose-built instance to provide a home base on the for all you looney tunes.

Join us, won't you? We're nice and we've been around for a year -- which is like a decade in fediverse time.

We also have a -like platform called with about 30 folks popping in and out. I’ll put that link in the next toot.


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is kind of like federated or Slack or Discord.

We're hanging out over here, if you want to pop in and say hi:

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TODAY! Friday Dec 8 is final day for submissions to the @fosdem Policy devroom. In a refreshing format designed to directly engage policy makers and @FOSS developers, CFP seeks ideas and engagement, not talking heads, to envision improved public consultation. Also seeking volunteer rapporteurs. Please share.

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Does AWS worry about the poor business model of many open source projects? Nalley sighs. [...]

“Inside AWS we have the concept of strategic open source projects. [...] We don’t want to learn that this thing that’s really important is maintained by a guy living in a basement on public assistance. That is not acting in the best interests of our customers.”

AWS exec: 'Our understanding of open source has started to change' • The Register

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I've been using Inkscape for over 10 years. If I had been using Illustrator for 10 years I would have paid Adobe over $2,500 in "rental" fees for a subscription that stops as soon as I stop paying.

Instead I started paying $5 a month to Inkscape to help make sure we can all use it for free for as long as we want.

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Join the for 's virtual bar as it turns 3 on Dec 19! Join our community creating building lasting bonds that thrive on helping people with , openSUSE knowledge and lasting friendships.

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Putting their money where their mouth is, the EU decides to make academic publishing open source:
"utilizing existing open-source software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although some risks are associated with this approach, our research has identified a few mature existing solutions that could be further developed to support the future ORE platform."

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Übrigens: Die auch in F-Droid vorhandenen Simple-Apps haben einen neuen Besitzer: ZipoApps.
Ich befürchte Unangenehmes.
Empfehlung: Ein Auge auf Alternativen werfen.

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Do you speak PrestaShop ?

Jeudi 30 novembre 2023 se tenait la toute première PrestaShop Developer Conference. Avec Julie Varisellaz, nous intervenions pour parler traductions au sein du projet PrestaShop.

Contenu et slides ici :

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@euractiv_politics It's nice to see governments caring about privacy and preferring EU-tech, but maybe they could have opted for something using an open protocol (like @matrix)? Or at least ...

@quinta I ended up on the post thanks to your boost, what are your opinions about it?

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We're glad to see that Tchap, which is built on , is one of the messaging tools that remain available to French civil servants following this change in policy:

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The Call for Proposals is now open for Open Source Summit North America, taking place April 16-18, 2024 in Seattle, WA.

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I enjoyed this chat with @evanprodromou on FLOSS Weekly. Good to learn more about .

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If you are reading this and thinking about making a difference in , consider running for the @opensuse Board. You have just a few hours to decide. Email our election officials and learn more now.

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Good idea in itself however this remark ""These digital tools are not devoid of security flaws, and therefore cannot guarantee the security of conversations and information shared via them,""is a bit weak, also not supported by evidence, any tool has flaws and a tool like Signal is quite good for example.

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@ErikJonker So, they now have to use ? Is that free and ?

I thought the supported ?

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Whether young, old, experienced or a newbie, @opensuse strives to be of people & their efforts to contribute to . People trashing contribution with articles & insults is not tolerated in a atmosphere. Let's foster a culture of respect.

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In an unexpected move, Nextcloud announces the addition of Roundcube Webmail to its growing family of open-source solutions.

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Tuta, PeerTube is an video platform that is an alternative to YouTube.

Please provide a PeerTube option for people that do not want to support Google.

PeerTube has a feature that allows you to automatically import all the content from your YouTube channel and also synchronize the channels so that when a new video is published to YouTube it is automatically published to .

Mastodon: @peertube


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