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I was earwormed again today by a song that sounds in my head like it's by Taiwan rock group Monkey Pilot. But I've listened to both their albums and the song doesn't seem to be there. Any idea how I might find it. I'm pretty sure it's a real song and not something I've made up, just can't be sure it's Monkey Pilot.


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Really interesting academic article. Well worth a read to understand not just a critique of applying homonationalism to Taiwan, but also Israel, including assertions of ‘Pinkwashing’.

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I haven't listened yet, but looks interesting.

Sounds like the story at first glance.

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Does this grand strategist not consider that, perhaps, between the , , and , that the military might be over extended?

Fight the world, sure. But one at a time.

This man is playing with fire and threatening nuclear Armageddon in an obviously move. Even worse would be the move of pushing the button unnecessarily, which I would hope no one wants. I don't see how he can credibly defend Taiwan now.

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This scene in the 2024 adaptation of the gave me the chills of what might happen if the issues explodes into .

@tv @scifi

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"A powerful has hit off the coast of , rocking the entire island and collapsing buildings in at least one town.

issued a tsunami alert for the southern Japanese island group of , according to Associated Press"

Taiwan earthquake live updates: buildings collapse after strongest quake in 25 years; tsunami warning in Japan

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Wednesday’s , which hit south-east of , is the strongest in in almost 25 years, and for intensity almost matches the , named after the date it took place on 21 September 1999, which left more than 2,400 people dead.

‘People were screaming’: Hualien residents in shock after Taiwan earthquake

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, (Reuters) -A helicopter plucked to safety on Thursday six people stranded in a mining area after Taiwan's worst in 25 years, and rescue workers reached 400 people cut off in a hotel in a mountainous national park by air, and confirmed all were safe.

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in planned to bring in heavy equipment on Saturday to try to recover two bodies buried on a hiking trail, while more than 600 people remained stranded in various locations, three days after the island’s strongest in 25 years.

Taiwan earthquake: over 600 people remain stranded days after disaster

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⚠️ Confirmed: Internet outages have been registered in parts of after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake; the decline in network connectivity comes amid reports of power outages with a tsunami warning issued; nuclear regulator observes no issues with reactors at present 📉

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Dear Taiwanese friends on the Fediverse, I hope all your loved ones are OK. The quake sounds terrible, please let us all know how we can help you!

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Thailand's been taking a turn to the (hard) right lately. The way this is resolved is the canary in the coal mine on how bad it gets.

While enjoys a welcoming reputation for the international community, have struggled for decades against and values. Across , only and recognise .

Thai parliament passes same-sex marriage bill

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China has escalated its gray-zone warfare against Taiwan, utilizing tactics like balloons, drones and civilian boats to saturate areas around the island.

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Attempts to cool cross-strait tensions over the deaths of two Chinese nationals in 's waters have failed after Chinese officials were a no-show at a planned meeting with local officials in .

Chinese Officials Fail To Show Up to Kinmen Meeting | Watch

Back toot:

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‼️🇺🇸CNN: Pentagon considers tapping into remaining $4 billion in Ukraine defense aid fund as emergency stop gap, as Alt-Right Republican Johnson continues to block a vote on Ukraine, Taiwan, Indo-Pacific,
Palestine, Gaza, Israeli aid (more)

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Reason 4347 in "Why The West Hates .
China has the temerity to act ethically & humanely, and supply aid to instead of weapons to assist the .

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@lukevanin @KarunaX Yes, the military dictatorship that controlled until 1992 (with full western support) was abhorrent. Imagine the mess the mainland would have become had the KMT defeated Mao! Sadly, the end of the military dictatorship in Taiwan has only bought a facade of democracy, as the US meddles/buys/manipulates the media, political parties & electoral systems there. Taiwan needs laws anti-interference not for China, but for the US!

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Today, we had a largish raid group of 11+ to take on an in - it turned out to be a good raid.

Just for fun, my strongest ditto was backing up my mega salamence who was in #1 position. Turns out that the ditto's shapeshift did not cancel out my salamance's mega form which was a happy surprise 😁

I won the Raid Buddy award but the ditto doesn't show up alas 😞

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Funny, this is exactly what is saying to the over bases being built on our northern territory. Maybe the experts are right, we are the "Romania" of Asia.

According to Klimov, the larger the 'anti-Russian' and the 'closer it is to 's borders, the more likely it is to be among the first targets for retaliatory strikes”.

Russia warns over building “largest military base” in

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"China asks World Court to speak out on 'unlawful' Israeli occupation"

China pleads that all people have an inalienable right to self determination.

Does this mean China is going to recognise Taiwan and Tibet as an independent states?

Hypocrisy is inevitable when the amoral attempt to argue from a point of morality.

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"Deliberately grounded on a tiny reef in the , part of an island chain claimed by the two Asian countries, the is now the unlikely base for a detachment of Filipino marines who stand guard over the atoll, scanning the turquoise waters for Chinese ships."

Wreck, Rats and Roaches : Standoff in the (2014 article)

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The is doubling down on efforts to preserve its sovereignty in the disputed waters while preparing for contingencies in nearby .

As such is stepping up its acquisition of increasingly high-end military equipment while expanding sophisticated military exercises with partners including the , and .

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Chinese president has set a 2027 deadline for the military to become a “world-class force”.

Tension has been rife in the Asian subcontinent over 's rapidly rising aggression towards self-governed and Beijing's territorial claims in the . .

China's for 2024 would increase by 7.2 per cent, marking the biggest jump in five years, amid escalating tension with neighbours.

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    The annual (“shoulder-to-shoulder”) drills will involve 16,700 soldiers simulating retaking enemy-occupied islands in areas facing and the .

    The military exercises will be the first to be held outside ’ territorial waters, and come amid a rise in tensions in the South China Sea.

    sounds warning after Philippines and announce most expansive military drills yet

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