Draws an urban fantasy/LGBT+ webcomic. If you can't get representation at the store, home-made is fine

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i type way too much about video games and sometimes music

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friendly neighborhood admin, possibly a sentient lifeform... likes pizza and beer.

professional pixie wrangler and rf magician

support, visit the FAQ page for ways how! ❤️

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💕 Female 🌱 She / Her / E 🍭 21 💡Video Editing & Video Games 🥅 Grow My Business, 40k (GF Score) Rep & Play Video Games

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just a dude on the internet

Hi! Im a queer nerd just trying to find a way to live happily in this world. and very . I'm not the most consistent person in the world, but I keep coming around for the nerdiness and shitposting.

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Doctoral student in history of the Middle East. Posting research notes, references etc.

Since this is a politically engaged instance, let’s make one thing clear: if you find yourself compelled to start your posts with “The Zionists…” when you want to say “The Israeli regime”, or “Netanyahu”, or “the settlers…”, you are very likely an antisemite.

idk but I’m here.

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Explicitly radical leftist. John Brown white person. Professional [computer] Bit Smanger*. Sporadic maker. Canine Lactation Consultant. Mostly a dad.

Ambulatory thoughtcrime.

Header Alt: Man with home made aerosol flame thrower trying to set a fascist on fire.

Avatar Alt: Iron front logo, three black arrows pointed down and to the left inside a black circle.

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#STS and #SocialAnthropology scholar working on #technologiesindailylife #citizenscience #ethnographicmethods #sleep #time #work DE/EN, 1stgen, she/her, opinions & typos mine cover

O oposto de grimdark é hopepunk. Passe a mensagem à diante.

Quando a violência é a norma, a gentileza é a resistência.

Dados não são o novo petróleo, são o novo urânio.

Você não é o produto. Você é o elefante ou búfalo morto deixado para trás.


Não existe DevOps sem Ops!

Fotógrafo, Cosplayer...

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A geologist and archaeologist by training, a nerd by inclination - books, films, fossils, comics, rocks, games, folklore, and, generally, the rum and uncanny… Let’s have it!


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