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We are at the Qt World Summit 2023! Come and visit our booth!

Check out our new gadgets, talk to devs and grab some kool Konqi stickers.


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Password-protected videos, video re-upload, storyboards, chapters...

We're proud and happy to present this year's work on v6!

Read and share widely:


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@booteille @ContentConsumer9999 That, and (obviously), we always toot several times our new blogposts 😉

(Edit: and you can get the news on via RSS, newsletter, etc.)

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@booteille @peertube Thanks for the help! I'd love to watch the platform change and grow.

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"Giving Tuesday" you say? How about this: KPhotoAlbum, KDE's fast and efficient image organizing and indexing app, releases its 20th anniversary edition 🎂

If in all that time you a haven't used KPhotoAlbum to classify and cut down searching times, you have been seriously missing out.

Give it a go!:

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Or donate to KDE:


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Conservatives may deride the as a drag on progress and commercial expansion, but even the most noxious pump-and-dump capitalism is supposed to remain tethered to reality by two unbreakable fetters: and :


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


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@CathieGrimm Thank you!

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@pluralistic I'd add ratings agencies like Moody's, S&P in there too. Their low standards make everyone poor & moody.
They have been defrauding for ages knowingly. How they are even still in business or have any credit (double entendre intended) I will hever understand. Who would trust them? How do they even have jobs?

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For many years I have been conscious of frequently swapping from normal glasses to prescription sunglasses & back again… much more than most people. Someone said something recently about their own sensitivity to light & the need to wear really dark glasses a lot of the time. I’m not so much really sensitive to light, as liking a very narrow range of light, not too bright, not too dark. But both, I’m guessing, are indications of light sensitivity experienced by autistic folk. Who knew? @actuallyautistic

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@Susan60 @actuallyautistic I should do it like you, all the time. But I often forget or don't realise I have to take these measures.

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@Susan60 I don't get migraines but I do feel nauseated. Remember the Disco balls, and the UV at the local dances? I would have to go outside. @neversosimple @actuallyautistic

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Just started a new Lemmy community for sharing freely available full-length college courses and lectures. You can follow from Mastodon at @opencourselectures

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I want you to know that: I always check your post and I want to collaborate sharing academic texts and other sources. And I really appreciate your work so far :) Thanks for your determination friend

john_lemmy ,


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Is it a common trait to have the urge to share experiences?

Like as a kid coming from camping, I would give my mom a daylong report about all the things that happened in details.

Or know when I read something interesting I have to show it to my wife. Or when we meet after work I have to let out all the stuff that happened at that very second.

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@Cetraria @actuallyautistic
My wife and I agreed on that we never could break up, because we would need each other to deal with it. Thats a bit comically exaggerated, but has a deep true core in it.

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I was thinking this morning, I could add an example.

I like to share my emotions with pictures instead of saying or writing them. When I'm hiking or simply outside, I take pictures with my phone and send them.

Another quite similar manner is to take pictures of what the person like and send the picture this person. I can express with it that I thought about the person.

Now, it's nice to realize how we express ourselves. It's even better if we explain it to the people so we know we will be understood.

I will never wait for anyone to express themselves in the exact same way than me. I will respect their personal expression. The mutual respect is important.

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Huh. It just occurred to me that not everyone reads all the time. Like, there’s a bunch of people without books they’re reading right now. That concept is so bizarre to me. I’ve always got several books going. Ebooks, audiobooks and physical copies of books. If you don’t read anymore, when and why did you stop? No judgement. I’m genuinely curious. @bookstodon

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@qotca @Rhube @rickf @pseudonymsupreme @bookstodon

to hopefully make people feel a little better, I lost reading for a bit over 3 years from Long Covid and I now have it back.

fwiw, ebooks are easier than paper. by leaps and bounds. and I started off training myself to read by rereading a book I've read about 20 times, so it was familiar. then I went to a new book by a familiar author.

paper is still tough. but ebook reading is working.

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@pseudonymsupreme @bookstodon Too much good video content available and laziness. But I recently got on a roll with audio books. Notably Atwood’s Maddaddam trilogy and now Lou Cixin’s Three Body Problem trilogy.

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What book are you reading right now? What’s it about?


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@raccoonformality @bookstodon CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. I’m also flipping through THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT but for research purposes.

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@raccoonformality @bookstodon Revolutionaries for the Right (nonfiction)

It's about right wing capitalists doing everything they can to stop the spread of communism including colluding with former Nazis and current neofascists and circumventing legal structures (Congress) to get what they want by any means necessary.

Think Iran Contra except that was the tip of the iceberg.

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@bookstodon Just finished the 10th and final book of The Shadows of the Apt by and am genuinely heartbroken it’s over. After nearly 200 hours spent with these characters I almost feel bereaved. Amazing, epic fantasy series.

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@toxy @bookstodon No, I even keep a separate list in my "Books" notebook of authors/series just so's I can check up occasionally to see if they've added another book or done spin-offs!

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@toxy @bookstodon That feeling is honestly why I've never read Terry Pratchett's last book when he died, it's like my brain said "Well, as long as you don't read it, there's always one more Terry Pratchett book to read." It's completely illogical, I realize. And yet, as many times as I've dusted it, I've yet to crack it open.

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Partially in response to the excellent juxtaposition of Effective Altruism/Accelerationism by @molly0xfff, @pluralistic writes:

“But the superintelligence true-believers and their criti-hyping critics keep dragging us away from these important questions [about pro-social automation] and into fanciful and pointless discussions of whether and how to appease the godlike computers we will create when we disassemble the solar system and turn it into computronium.”

Amen! 🙏

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@erlend @molly0xfff @pluralistic yeah part of reading broader sci-fi, particularly diaries, made me re-examine why AI at any level from basic to super intelligence would want to destroy humanity. We do some neat stuff they can’t and might like.

A bunch of exploitative capitalists warning that creating beneficial AI will lead to an AI apocalypse, sounds a lot like they worry it could work, or that capitalists couldn’t exploit and control them…

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A group of scientists set out to study quick learners. Then they discovered they don't exist | KQED

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@grant_h @dougpete @oldaily @edutooters Yes...and that was my intended point.

I provide my college students with lots of opportunity to practice, but a large percentage don't have the motivation to do it. Difficult for me (alone) to provide feedback and enforce practice with 200+ students.

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@rspfau @dougpete @oldaily @edutooters Yes. But is that not where we ideally might change what we measure: not the end outcome, but your improvement? (Although I love "outcomes assessment", vs relative performance!)
So a system change, as much as an individual teacher's?

Was there not a study some decades back about a teacher who let kids set their own passing marks, so long as they upped the number each test? ie - improve.

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💛 “Will Peace Ever Overcome Hate?”

African Americans have chosen to be aspirational in pursuit of freedom from oppression and injustice, as opposed to terrorism and deconstructionist thinking.
—R Wayne Branch, PhD



@clayrivers @BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon TWW: Celebrate with all people the world that is ours, bring into your home, bring into your heart, the many cultures and their multitude societies that have emerged from the love of life that we share. *Yes, I believe there will come a day and I will continue the effort to my last breath that there will be peace for all people. OWOP

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this would be not great if the British Library wasn’t notorious for demanding ridiculous levels of ID evidence from its readers for registration. as it is, however, it is truly truly atrocious. @bookstodon

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@bookstodon @jd ok so they’ve discovered that libraries hold vast caches of personal information and are targeting them now worldwide? this is fine gif

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News / Weapons

A new special weapon has been announced! It looks an awful lot like the Splashdown if you take a look:

The name for this is the Triple Splashdown, it's worth also talking about the two weapons that will be kitted out with this special weapon.

These are the Enperry Dualies, which comes with the Curling Bomb, and the Custom Blaster which gets Point Sensor.


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