saltesc ,

Full Sentences Where Every Word Begins Capitalised Are Such A Jarring Read But I Think I Understand The Headline.

WalnutLum ,

Potemkin AI

downpunxx , avatar

wow, hahahahaha. fail.

magnetosphere , avatar

All this to avoid the untold horrors of… waiting in line for a few minutes.

massive_bereavement , avatar

All of this to be able to fire the cashiers.

Mechanismatic , avatar

Sounds like the Mechanical Turk which was run by chess players moving the "automaton."

So much of the wow factor of new technologies is just marketing hyperbole.

wildncrazyguy ,

The article states they're replacing the original overhead camera concept with cameras embedded in the shopping carts, so the idea is not going away.

reversebananimals ,

That's because the writer is trying to make it sound that way to get people to click the headline.

In reality, the 1,000 people were mostly just tagging the videos to help train future iterations of the model. It would have taken way more than only 1,000 people to actually run the technology as a mechanical turk.

Its just poor quality sensationalist journalism.

residentmarchant ,

Agree completely, this is how every machine learning system is built! Maybe this one was taking too long, but that's exactly what beta's are meant to prove.

ooterness ,

Source for this claim?

petersr ,

To be fair, this is a classical strategi in startups called "wizard of Oz prototyping" - it is used to test if there is a market for something before the tech is ready. But the tech is supposed to be created soon after and actually work...

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