ohwhatfollyisman ,

i don’t think they are miners. more like a construction workforce who were trapped in the very tunnel they were setting up.

there are no mines there.

JungleJim ,

Borers doesn’t flow off the tongue well.

espentan ,

They were mining for a roadway. /s

sxan ,
@sxan@midwest.social avatar

Hoo-ray! What a hellish situation. It’s nice to see some uplifting news about this ordeal - it’s nice to see some uplifting news in the barrage of bad news, full-stop.

PDFuego ,
@PDFuego@lemmy.world avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • SomeoneElse ,

    This article has some interesting info. As of right now they are 2 meters away from being freed.

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