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(Tasnim) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cautioned the Zionist regime to avoid further adventurism, lest it receive a blow much harder than the lawful retaliatory strike

that Iran launched against the Israeli military targets early Sunday.



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Bruh first go use a client made in the 21st century and stop spamming user tags for replies.

Did you even see Iran got hits with basic ballistic missiles that reach hypersonic velocities towards the end of their flight path?

Yes, have they damaged or degraded Israel's military capability in literally any possible way? like even in damaging a war asset?

If Iran wanted to do a non escalating strike, they should have hit the front lawn of some big C&C post, not pretending like they made a big hit by wasting an overwhelming amount of drones and cruise missiles to let their few hypersonics make it to the edge of an airfield where all the AA would be located.

This is coming from the same country that got smacked around by the PAF and a drunken Pakistani COAS which sums up their offensive air capability.

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This is what any microblog instance looks like when it's being forced into an unholy matrimony with Lemmy. Mastodon looks just like this. is the most advanced ActivityPub featureset available. The only complements it needs are and

The translation feature in particular makes it superior even for browsing Lemmy. But also none of you bother to provide alt-text image descriptions for people who have sight and sensory issues, while Mastodon & Misskey forks passively promote its use allowing the blind to interact with the web through our aggregation. The user tags here don't cause any functional issue other than increasing character count. Lemmy posts on instance 1 already create a situation where a reply from instance 2 with a reply from instance 3 won't show the third reply on instance 1. All of our software is shit, but at least it's good shit. Anyways, your nonsense about this obviously superior software aside, let's reply to your trashy analysis of current events.

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I have no idea why you're so invested in the conjectures you've based off reading reports from the Zionists that this attack was successfully fended off and they took no serious damage, because the attack didn't fit some arbitrary guideline.
War isn't about pleasing spectators online, as the Ukrainians have been taught so painfully over the past few years.
Zionists spent over a billion dollars fending off Iran's "wasteful" use of drones. The attack cost Iran something in the millions.
They essentially launched a mass of chaff to break the AA and issued a warning strike.
Let me quote an infamous one-trick pony commentator:

Nevatim was defended by the world’s most advanced integrated anti-missile defense shield which incorporated Arrow 2, David’s Sling, THAAD, and Patriot 3 with the AN/TPY-2 X-band surveillance and targeting radar. You also ignore the fact that this system was designed to exclusively defend against the Iranian medium-range ballistic missile threat.
And yet…5-7 missiles hit Nevatim. The Israelis have acknowledged 2 runways and three warehouse structures hit.
Not a knockout blow—it wasn’t intended as such.
But any BDA expert would note that the point of impact was center mass, a clear indication of precision guidance.
5-7 missiles hit the world’s most heavily defended location, defeating an integrated ABM defense that was custom built to defeat the missiles it failed to shoot down.

I guess I am supposed to trust your intuition that the Iranians are lying about getting more out of this attack than they expected because,,, why? They're biased?

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[VIDEO] Scenes of Al-Qassam targeting enemy soldiers and vehicles on the afternoon of the 27th of Ramadan in the Al-Zana area, east of the city of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip [subbed].


Federation settings do not allow me to receive replies from here, just FYI, can't respond to questions.

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I think there's a combat footage community here but I'm not sure if it's active

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This one?: !combatfootage

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TL;DR Putin is a MGS character: anticom russophobes miss that he doesn't get the USSR+thinks orthodox christianity can magically boost birth rates+stonks, criticism of Russian elections has to be insane because is it is broken the same way as western demo


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20 countries from four continents launched the Declaration to Triple Nuclear Energy by 2050

"Endorsing countries include the United States, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ghana, Hungary, Japan, Republic of Korea, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. "


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Nukular was between 15 and 20% in the 90s. It decline afterwards to now 9%.

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Because the world moves to solar and wind, not nukular

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blue ocean event is unavoidable this decade, hold on to your butts folx

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