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Atelopus-zeteki , in What Might the US Owe the World for Covid-19?
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This is bullshit. No credible sources outside the GOP caucus, and Rand Paul give any credence to this. Now, it is certainly the case that the administration did a horrible job in response to the pandemic, certainly increasing morbidity and mortality, a problem that continues to this day. smh.

aniki ,

All OP does is post pro-China, pro-Russia, pro-Iran nonsense.

davel , (edited ) avatar

Jeffery Sachs is a primary source on this issue:

In spring 2020, Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, appointed Sachs as chair of its COVID-19 Commission, whose goals were to provide recommendations for public health policy and improve the practice of medicine. Sachs set up a number of task forces, including one on the origins of the virus.

The Lancet is referenced over a dozen times on Wikipedia’s main COVID-19 page.

billbasher , in 'If anything happens, it's not suicide': Boeing whistleblower's prediction before death

Everyone knows this isn’t suicide but they are so brazen because there are no consequences. What do we need to do so that there are?

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SuchThunder ,

Got what I expected, endorse what I got.

rustyfish , avatar

I heard you out and I like to add this musical note to it.

billgamesh ,

what about the coup?

ComradePorkRoll ,

Probably something illegal that would end with consequences on us instead.

Sir_Kevin , avatar

Invoke Amendment 2

thefartographer , in Meat Industry Using ‘Misinformation’ to Block Dietary Change, Report Finds

By denying, derailing, delaying, and deflecting meaningful discussions around the sector’s key issues, the agriculture industry is using the same tactics as the tobacco and fossil fuel lobbies.

And sugar. We fought these same battles with sugar and made giant steps but most of the damage that was done will continue plaguing the next couple of generations. Don't let meat and dairy do the same to those generations.

puchaczyk ,

They are already doing that with prpagandists like Nina Teicholz.

ursakhiin , in The New York Times should not be considered a reliable source of journalism.

The core of your argument seems to be 2 separate incidents that are 20 years apart. The WMD article series is one of many series that were released by different outlets at the time because the Whitehouse did make such claims.

I don't know enough about the most recent article to form a serious opinion, but I did read the intercept link you posted and it appears to be entirely sourced by an interview with somebody who was fired for expressing bias outside of work. I also clicked the democracy now link and its just a paragraph stating that the intercept wrote the article in the first link but doesn't provide anything else.

I'm not sure these two incidents are enough of an indictment against the NYT to sway me at all. News outlets get it wrong sometimes. The question is how they handle it afterwards and 2 incidents in 20 years is hardly a pattern. The NYT is definitely leaning slightly left but is generally considered to be highly factual by most fact checkers that I've seen.

ErisShrugged ,

You've also got their coverage of the 2016 election, where it's a matter of settled fact that they slept on an FBI investigation of Trump for things we now know actually happened while putting Clinton's emails on the front page at every opportunity.

You've also got them giving a platform to dreck like this - - which includes lovely bits like "The foreign-born share of the U.S. population is near a record high, and increased diversity and the distrust it sows have clearly put stresses on our politics."

I'm not one of those people who has accumulated an entire drawer full of examples and is able to provide you with 400 bullet points of what's wrong with the NYT, but maybe two more will help push you to investigate a bit more? The NYT may publish left-leaning content sometimes, but they are not an actual ally of the Democrats, let alone the progressive or far left. They routinely publish Republican lies uncritically, and their perception as left-leaning is one of their best weapons.

intelshill OP ,

Most fact checkers don't know shit. Fact is, these two stories have been used to justify conflicts where hundreds of thousands of people have died.

ursakhiin ,

I think fact checkers are more reliable that the intercept article you posted, myself.

intelshill OP ,

Surely, then, your fact checkers will mention the NYT's failure of reporting on Iraq's WMDs in their fact checks?

Oh. They don't? I wonder why.

ursakhiin ,

I'm genuinely not sure what you're hoping to accomplish with that argument.

The fact checkers call them on that stuff, yes. The reliability ratings are based partially on how the editors react when they get it wrong and the NYT pretty famously apologizes and publishes updates when it happens.

sonori , avatar

There is also the whole Transphobia thing where they do things like consistently interview people who run organizations classified as hate groups as “concerned parents” and who’s front page stories have been cited in Texas courts as evidence that allowing trans kids gender affirming care is seen by medical professionals as child abuse.

GrymEdm , in The New York Times stands by its reporting on the Hamas terror attack after questions are raised avatar

This CNN story omits an important point - co-author of the original article Anat Schwartz was previously an intelligence officer for the Israeli Air Force. She also had no real journalistic experience at all before writing that article for the New York Times. The 2nd of 3 co-authors was Schwartz's nephew.

So the New York Times hired an ex-IDF intelligence officer without any journalistic experience and her nephew to be 2 out of 3 journalists covering one of the most sensational/impactful stories of the last year. The story was controversial within the newsroom and it's reported that a podcast based on that story was allegedly pulled due to fierce concerns about accuracy (the NYT denies this). It's also reported that Schwartz liked/upvoted social media posts comparing Palestinians to animals and encouraging the IDF to "violate any norm" to kill them. Now the NYT is saying "we don't comment on internal matters" and the CNN articles says:

"Vanity Fair’s Charlotte Klein reported Thursday that the newspaper had taken the rare step of launching a leak investigation, questioning “at least two dozen staffers” about “how internal details about the podcasts’s editorial process got out.”

All of this sounds like damage control following a very serious lapse in quality control. There's no denying the violence of Hamas' Oct. 7th attack, but that doesn't absolve journalists from the obligation to be diligent, unbiased, and accurate. I'd argue the seriousness of the situation and the violence of the Israeli response actually makes it much more important for journalists to be very careful. Once a false report is published by a respected outlet, the genie is out of the bottle and misinformation can lead to justification of ugly actions. "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on it's shoes".

BeatTakeshi , avatar

The investigation part is witch hunt, not damage control

Aqarius ,

lapse in quality control

Right, that's what that was.

Donjuanme , in Putin's suggestion of Ukraine ceasefire rejected by United States, sources say

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy says he will never accept Russia's control over Ukrainian land. He has outlawed any contacts with Russia.

A U.S. official, speaking in Washington on condition of anonymity, said that the U.S. has not engaged in any back channel discussions with Russia and that Washington had been consistent in not going behind the back of Ukraine.

The U.S. official said that there appeared to have been unofficial "Track II" conversations among Russians not in the government but that the United States was not engaged in them.

For sending public messages of trying to negotiate a cease fire, they sure weren't very public. Russia has no trouble disseminating information, why were these "very public"communications unheard until "the u.s. turned down a cease fire" was it Tucker? Was he the one you offered the cease fire to? If that's the case the only reason he didn't respond in the affirmative was because he was too busy gasping for post-fellatio air.

knotthatone , in Putin's suggestion of Ukraine ceasefire rejected by United States, sources say

I'm pretty sure the Ukrainians will cease firing once the Russians leave their country and stop trying to murder them.

TheLepidopterists , avatar

Sure, as long as the US permits them to accept a ceasefire.

GenEcon ,

It was Russia that tried to negotiate a treaty with the US. And the US said 'fuck you, ask Ukraine, not us'. Its Russia treating Ukraine like a puppet state, not the US.

HobbitFoot ,

What's the US going to do if Ukraine negotiates a ceasefire?

Adkml ,


420blazeit69 ,

A coup leading to a more U.S.-aligned government. The U.S. has only done that 100 times, including once in the last decade right there in Ukraine.

HobbitFoot ,

How is the USA going to do a coup when Russia can't?

Alsephina ,

The same way they did in 2014. Don't worry, the US is very used to this (and this is just from a NATOpedia article).

420blazeit69 ,

In this scenario, by assuring the coup plotters that the U.S. will keep funding the war as long as they keep fighting it, as opposed to cutting bait with the coup as an excuse. The coup plotters would then accuse the deposed government of treasonously planning a surrender (a mischaracterization, but that's par for the course) and portray themselves as acting in the national interest. They then keep the status quo of the war, with just a change in management. This would all fit neatly with the anti-Russia/pro-U.S. propaganda Ukraine has been subjected to. Any Russian objection would be written off as lies.

If Russia tried to support a coup government, that government would be branded as treasonous even if they sought to act in the best interest of the Ukrainian people. The U.S. would immediately seek to discredit and destabilize the coup government, and a lot of Ukrainians would listen as they're fighting a war with Russia.

jabrd ,

Zelensky just removed Zaluzhny from heading the military because Zaluzhny was getting too popular and becoming a political threat. Important to point out that Zelensky has called off the elections that should be happening right now and that there's growing dissent for his administration due to how poorly the war is going. Also worth pointing out that Zaluzhny has ties to the far right militias of the Ukrainian armed forces and flaunted this fact when Zelensky first tried to have him removed. It would be very easy for NATO to back Zaluzhny and his right wing thugs (the same ones that took part in the maidan coup) against Zelensky if Zelensky breaks with the West's wishes. US intelligence agencies are very good at pulling at threads of existing dissent to create chaos and oust difficult political leaders

Lucidlethargy , avatar

This entire response here was ostensibly in respect to Ukraine.

From the article, which you clearly didn't read:

A U.S. official, speaking in Washington on condition of anonymity, said that the U.S. has not engaged in any back channel discussions with Russia and that Washington had been consistent in not going behind the back of Ukraine.

Adkml ,

Here's a question nobody has been able to answer for me yet.

Why would Russia abandon a 2 year long military operation they're winning.

Literally just because a bunch of American libs said they should online?

All reports are pointing to it not being the russians that would benefit from a ceasefire.

Skua ,

Nobody expects that they actually will do so willingly. Just that Russia should because, y'know, starting wars to annex territory is not something most people like. That's why Ukraine should be armed until it can make Russia leave.

That said, Russia would absolutely benefit from a negotiated settlement right now. This war is taking a lot of Russian lives and resources, so if it can persuade either Ukraine to agree to enough concessions or Ukraine's backers to stop backing it, Russia could benefit enormously. Even if Russia actually manages to completely overrun Ukraine in the future, actually having to fight to the end will be an extremely costly ordeal.

nekandro OP ,


Skua ,


ExotiqueMatter , avatar

This take is both idealistic and ignorant of the situation on the ground.

It's clear to anyone paying attention that Ukraine has lost any shot they had at driving Russia out in 2023, assuming they even had any shot at it in the first place. As shown by the evolution of the front line in 2023, Russia is now deeply entrenched in it's current position and Ukraine, even back when Western military support was at it's maximum, is unable to make them move from them in any significant way. Meanwhile Russia has had the time to adapt to western sanctions and the economy not only stabilized but is even growing quite a lot, especially the arms industry.

You need to come to terms with the fact that Ukraine won't be getting back the occupied territory. With Russia now largely outproducing the west on military equipment and the west having pretty much depleted their stockpile, Ukraine, who is largely dependent to western military aid as their own military industrial base is far from solid, will unravel sooner rather than later. The ONLY thing sending them weapons is doing right now is prolonging the war and getting more Ukrainian killed for literally nothing.

Getting more thousands of Ukrainian killed because of the delusion that they can somehow still drive Russia out at this point is not worth whatever territory they want to get back.

Continuing to send billions of dollars of weapons to them won't do any good to the Ukrainian peoples, and you aren't the saviour of Ukraine you think you are by cheering for this.

What would do good for the Ukrainian people is suing for peace and starting to rebuild whatever territory they have left.

Skua ,

I don't want to make Ukrainians do anything. If they choose to keep fighting, they should be enabled to do so. If they choose to make peace, great, but they should be armed sufficiently that they can actually negotiate instead of just capitulate. Either way they need to be armed, because if they don't have the capacity to make the status quo costly then they have no leverage. There is no negotiation if we neuter Ukraine beforehand, there are only Russian demands.

Also, most of the aid is not weapons. A lot of it is, but more of it is housing Ukrainian refugees and funding the Ukrainian govenment to keep the basics of civil services going.

davel , avatar

If they choose to keep fighting

  1. How may of them chose to fight in the first place, aside from the neo-Nazi ones? Many of them were conscripted and forced to fight.
  2. How many of the women & children & old men want the fighting to continue? The Ukrainian government is a shit government; how committed even are they to its survival? This is a post-US coup government that has banned opposition parties and is auctioning the country off to foreign capitalists. All of the aid they’re getting is lend-lease, which they will be repaying for generations. This is going to be full-on neoliberal shock therapy.
  3. To what extent does the Ukrainian government have a choice in whether to continue fighting, when the US clearly has a lot of say in the matter despite its claims to the contrary?
Skua ,
  • 1: Enough that there aren't mass desertions at the front lines.
  • 2a: Continuing to fight typically has 2:1 support in what polling I have seen. My country's governnment is absolute dogshit, but if Russia invaded my country you're damn fucking right I'd want to fight them about it even with our shit government.
  • 2b: Your article assumes a US coup, it does not show that there was a US coup. It is not weird that the American embassy wanted to negotiate with potential new leaders, doing so does not mean they masterminded a coup, and Zelenskyy was never even mentioned in the Nuland-Pyatt call. There have been two elections since then. It is also not difficult to believe that the protests against Yanukovych were legitimate considering his massive unilateral lurch in policy just beforehand.
  • 2c: Absolutely shocking to suspend pro-Russia parties while literally being invaded by Russia. It should be noted that the incumbent party has a majority either way and suspending parties did not grant them any power they didn't already have. Further, the parties suspended represent a minority of the opposition.
  • 2d: Sorry to tell you this but fighting a war is actually quite expensive. Is this approach the best one? I have no idea. It hardly seems relevant to what your second point started as. If you'd rather Ukraine didn't do this, it's going to need alternative financing, which means more support from its backers, not less.
  • 2e: I do think that it should just be gifted, and some of it is. If your preference is that they get nothing at all then Ukraine could equally just refuse the lend-lease. Again, the better solution here is more support, not less.
  • 2f: You know Ukraine was a capitalist country before this war started, right? But once again, if you don't want this to happen, Ukraine needs more unconditional support, not less.
  • 3: How much say do you think the US has? This article is literally about Russia trying to get the US to decide on Ukraine's behalf and the US saying "that's not our choice". What is the US going to do if Ukraine decides to stop fighting? Stop supplying arms that the Ukrainians don't need anyway if they're at peace? The thing that I assume you want the US to do anyway, given the comment you're responding to?
ExotiqueMatter , avatar

A pretty fair point but I still think you are neglecting a few things.

Firstly, while according to this study by the Kiev international institute of sociology most Ukrainians do still support the war it also indicate that the portion that peace at the cost of losing territory is definitely growing since the start of 2023, if I were to try giving admittedly loose and uncertain bound based on those numbers and assuming the rate of change don't shrink, I would expect this portion to reach 50% of the population 2 months from now at the soonest, 11 months from now at the latest.

An other related thing to consider is how accurately is the state of the war depicted in Ukrainian media? A state at war that don't plan to surrender has incentives to make their war effort as good as possible and the enemy's war effort as bad as possible and Ukraine is obviously no exception.

Depending on how distorted the narrative about the war is, these figures could be drastically different from what they would be if the Ukrainian public got a more neutral account of the war.

So do the Ukrainian want to continue fighting? For now yes, but I don't believe it will last.

Your leverage point is moot in my opinion.

As I said, it is a fact that Russia is winning the war and that Ukraine has decisively failed to push them back before the Russian entrenchment in their position and the dwindling military supply to Ukraine made doing so impossible going forward.

I'm not saying that Russia could just roll over to Kiev any day if they wanted, that would obviously be absurd, but the military situation in Ukraine, the state of western weapon manufacturing compared to Russia's and the sheer difference in manpower reserve and moral make it such that even if the west threw every last weapon in their stockpile at Ukraine, it would not change significantly what a peace deal between Moscow and Kiev could look like. I repeat therefor once again that the ONLY thing continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons is increasing the death toll on both side and prolonging the was for nothing, it's literally not doing anything more, let alone helping Ukraine in any tangible way.

You are right, though, that most of the aid to Ukraine is humanitarian and not military, and those absolutely should continue, but that's one reason more to not prolong the war uselessly, the end of the war would make helping the Ukrainian people way easier and would allow Ukraine to start rebuilding.

Skua ,

I don't understand your reasoning behind:

Your leverage point is moot in my opinion.

If arming Ukraine does not substantially impact Ukraine's ability to fight, how does it prolong the war? In your assessment, Ukraine would be forced to make peace at the same point either way. Could you expand on that?

ExotiqueMatter , avatar

If arming Ukraine does not substantially impact Ukraine’s ability to fight, how does it prolong the war?

This is not exactly what I said. I didn't say that it didn't impact Ukraine's ability to fight, I said it doesn't change the outcome of the war.

Of course, arming Ukraine adds difficulty for Russia, but it only at most delay Russia getting what they want since because of the way the war is going and the west's inability to outproduce Russia, Russia has time on their side. Russia can largely afford to just wait until western weapon supply to Ukraine can't keep up with theirs anymore, which is exactly what they have been doing since their retreat from the siege of Kiev in 2022, that's why the front line has barely moved since then, Russia know they are in a position where time will do most of the work for them.

Skua ,

I'm not sure this holds. To me that very delay is the valuable point of negotiation I'm talking about; this war is also costly in lives and materiel for Russia. Being able to eventually outlast Ukraine on that front doesn't negate that. But I think that's getting towards too subjective a point for us to find common ground on.

Xavienth ,

Well as per the article that choice is clearly not theirs, it's the United States'. And the US says war

Skua ,

Read the fucking article. The US response was "it's not our choice to make"

Xavienth ,

You don't think the US is privately egging Zelensky on while publicly putting on a face of "oh it's totally their choice to make"?

If I had stock in Raytheon that's certainly what I'd like to see... just saying.

Skua ,

I'm sure it is, but Zelenskyy is an adult and capable of making his own decisions either way and I don't see what leverage the US could possibly have to force him to keep fighting. What are they going to do if he makes peace, stop giving Ukraine weapons for the war they aren't fighting any more? Even if the US deposed him, Zelenskyy has said openly that he doesn't want to run the country after the war. Can't say I blame him, I'd want a holiday too.

Regardless, none of this changes the fact that if you had read more than the headline, you wouldn't have said "per the article", would you?

CascadeOfLight ,

I'm pretty sure the Russians will cease firing once the Ukrainians stop trying to murder them.

gregorum , avatar
Alsephina ,

Mostly in the west of course. Eastern Ukrainians don't support the nazi gov.

BorgDrone ,

I always wondered: how much do you get paid to troll for the russians? Is it like a full time job? Don you feel any shame for what you’re doing?

brain_in_a_box ,

Liberals try to understand that people disagreeing with them isn't a grand conspiracy by insidious foreign enemies challenge (impossible).

gregorum , avatar
brain_in_a_box ,

Source for what?

ExotiqueMatter , avatar
Same peoples who laugth at MAGA peoples for their deep state conspiracy theory. No self awareness.

krolden , avatar


gregorum , avatar

Oh look, Russian propaganda. How much do you get paid for this?

Alsephina ,

Very convincing argument indeed. I'm stumped 😔

ExotiqueMatter , avatar

Literally the same thought terminating logic fucking flatearthers use.

"I have literally have no counter argument so instead considering what you said I will gaslight myself and others into thinking I don't have to by declaring out loud, without any evidence, that you are paid by NASA/Russia and imply that therefore everything you say can be dismissed without paying any mind because it is ontologically dishonest."

gregorum , avatar

Complaining that your Russian propaganda is getting called out? Then don’t post Russian propaganda.

Alsephina ,

Anything that challenges western propaganda is either Hamas or Russian propaganda

davel , avatar

Welcome to, conspiracy theorist.

Meet Hamilton 68, the New King of Media Fraud The Twitter Files reveal that one of the most common news sources of the Trump era was a scam, making ordinary American political conversations look like Russian spywork

MSNBC Repeats Hamilton 68 Lies 279 Times in 11 Minutes

Chris Hedges: Why Russiagate Won’t Go Away

otp ,

The invading Russians also need to leave Ukraine, Crimea, etc.

SexMachineStalin , avatar

I'm pretty sure the countdown

o_d , avatar

If you believe this, then you're completely ignorant of the events that led to this war in the first place.

Zuzak ,

Because no fighting was happening in Ukraine before the Russians entered the country, right? The war just fell out of a coconut tree?

axont ,

Ukraine should leave Donbas because they're clearly not wanted there.

D61 ,

Aren't Ukrainian drones attacking Russian civilian targets now?

Donjuanme , in Putin's suggestion of Ukraine ceasefire rejected by United States, sources say

Don't know why the United States would have any say in Putin pulling the Russian paramilitary out of Ukraine. Ceasefire is simple, back your ass out of Ukraine, back to 2013 borders.

brain_in_a_box ,

Why would Russia ever accept that though? Ukraine's chance of reclaiming Crimea militarily is extremely low.

Squizzy ,

They said that about keeping them at bay, keeping control of the black sea and countless other things.

Badeendje , avatar

They (the US) don't, and they acknowledge that.

In the interview with fucker carlson, Putin said that Ukraine is a vassal of the US and Russia does not negotiate with Ukraine as it's useless, they want to only negotiate with the puppet master.

Hence the offer, hence the rejection. It's geopolitical theatre.

cyborganism , in Norway to allow mining waste to be dumped in fjords

What a dumb move.

bartolomeo , in Tesla's made-in-China cars lead market in quality while US-made Tesla cars score lowest

This article is over 3 years old.

pozbo , in Tesla's made-in-China cars lead market in quality while US-made Tesla cars score lowest avatar

Hmmm, I wonder why that is. Could it be the build quality is the same and consumer opinions are different on the other side of the planet?

deegeese , avatar

Have you heard of the horrible working conditions and racist harassment that goes on at the US Tesla factory?

It sounds like management has gotten really bad there.

pozbo , avatar

Yeah I have heard of that, and yet there aren't suicide-preventative nets surrounding the 2nd and 3rd stories so how bad can it be?

wildbus8979 ,
MrPhibb , avatar

Could be the strong competition in China, there's a lot of electric car choices there, more than any other country IIRC

downpunxx , in Ukraine will suffer ‘insane’ losses if US stops aid, warn frontline troops avatar

I'm sure I'm in the minority on the left that says giving military aid to Israel and Ukraine is far more important than fighting Republicans on illegal immigration on the southern border. It's simple insanity at this point.

downpunxx , in Henry Kissinger, secretary of state under Presidents Nixon and Ford, dies at 100 avatar

Biggest Evil In American Politics? Kissinger?

Biggest Evil in American Entertainment?

Biggest Evil in American Finance?
Bankman Fried?

Biggest Evil in Human Rights?

We sure are hitting the high notes in scapegoatism these days huh. And see how natural and easy it all feels. Blaming Jews is just right gosh darn it!

downpunxx , in ‘We want permanent ceasefire,’ Palestinians in Gaza say as truce extended avatar

lol, I bet they do

for 18 years they've done nothing but support Hamas, allowing the terrorists to burrow under every single Hospital, School and Mosque in Gaza, for the eventuality that the IDF would come to end them once and for all, to cry crocodile tears to the international audience, then send a 4000 strong drug fueled "Palestinians" Islamic terrorist invasion to rape, behead, eviscerate and burn close to 2000 Israelis, so now they want a cease fire

fuck that, them, and anyone that defends them. Israel must finish the job and end Hamas once and for all, come what may

downpunxx , in Tesla sues Swedish agency as striking workers stop delivering license plates for its new vehicles avatar

Elon Musk is a Nazi fuck, just like "Palestinian" terrorists, so fuck him and his Nazi fuck company, no one should ever buy a Tesla, and no government should be in business with SpaceX ever, for anything for any reason.

On a connected but separate note, either collective bargaining is a right in Sweden guaranteed by law, or it's a tradition that "pretty much everyone follows", if it's the latter, an organ of the state such as the postal service cannot legally discriminate to whom they deliver mail, as it's traditionally one of the bedrock services a state offers. I see Tesla winning this suit pretty handily, which does not bode well for the Swedish model of sympathetic striking.

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