FoolishFool ,

The funny thing is: Spiced is actually the best flavor they've had in a while lol

Basically raspberry Coke

stebo02 , avatar

What's With All The Capitalisation??

Kolanaki , avatar

That's how titles are supposed to be done in proper English.

stebo02 , avatar

Book and movie titles, sure. Since when does it apply to headlines that are whole ass sentences? It makes it really hard to read but maybe that's just me.

WamGams ,

Where you from, originally?

stebo02 , avatar


Feathercrown ,

I believe that's called a "title"

stebo02 , avatar

it's supposed to be a headline though, to me it's very hard to read this way

ArugulaZ , avatar

Spiced Coke is almost drinkable. I regret to say that Coke Space and the various other recent flavors do not meet that standard.

Laticauda ,

They're gone in a blink of the eye so why bother trying one, if you like it you'll only be disappointed when it's gone forever the next day.

morphballganon ,

Just don't get rid of Vanilla Zero Sugar and we good

iheartneopets ,

Where do you find those??? I've been watching grocery stores around me like a hawk, but all we ever get is cherry zero, and SOMETIMES cherry vanilla zero. I was starting to think coke just didn't want to make vanilla zero

pokemaster787 ,

Took one for the team and tried it

Painfully sweet even for a Coca Cola product. Reminds me of Jolly Ranchers and/or Swedish Fish but not in a good way (and I love Swedish Fish)


7/10 with rice

ChihuahuaOfDoom ,

"Spiced" Coke, fuck that noise.

magiccupcake ,

God forbid they bring back a good, or at least popular, flavor like starlight.

Oh yeah and the spiced flavor is not great either.

trolololol ,

Oh oh oh pumpkin spice soda

ThrowawayPermanente ,

What have you done?

Serinus ,

I'd try it, but it's double the price and half the size. I'm not paying 60 cents a can when I'm buying in bulk from the grocery store. 29-38 cents is about the right price.

synae , avatar

Like, what are we talking here, melange?

Stalinwolf , avatar

I think spiced is their best flavor yet, but I've always loved ginger beer and cola.

Blaster_M ,

That is a headline word salad if I've ever seen one

can ,

The Onion is known for their accurate stature afterall.

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