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https://archive.is/MEpfm since the cookie waver on that site is baloney!

Neat read. Bummer that we have 450 nukes waiting to blow someone up.

MuhammadJesusGaySex ,

I didn’t read the whole article. I just wanted to point out that the article says 450 silos. That’s 450 icbms. Each one of those has several nuclear warheads on it. Also that doesn’t take into account all the other kinds of nukes we have. Like the ones on submarines, and airplanes, and nuclear mortars. Okay, someone feel free to correct me on this but I think we got rid of the nuke mortars.

According to the government. The US has around 3,750 nuclear warheads. If memory serves me correctly that’s enough nukes to destroy life on earth about 37 times over.

I posted most of this comment from memory. Please do your own research as my memory is shit, and feel free to correct me.

rhythmisaprancer ,
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You're right, I had forgotten about each unit being multiple warheads.

37 times over

😐 even if you are over by 3x, that's a lot of nukes.

Colorcodedresistor ,

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    NCD containment breach! This is not a drill!

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    turn your key, sir!

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