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"A powerful has hit off the coast of , rocking the entire island and collapsing buildings in at least one town.

issued a tsunami alert for the southern Japanese island group of , according to Associated Press"

Taiwan earthquake live updates: buildings collapse after strongest quake in 25 years; tsunami warning in Japan

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Wednesday’s , which hit south-east of , is the strongest in in almost 25 years, and for intensity almost matches the , named after the date it took place on 21 September 1999, which left more than 2,400 people dead.

‘People were screaming’: Hualien residents in shock after Taiwan earthquake

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, (Reuters) -A helicopter plucked to safety on Thursday six people stranded in a mining area after Taiwan's worst in 25 years, and rescue workers reached 400 people cut off in a hotel in a mountainous national park by air, and confirmed all were safe.

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in planned to bring in heavy equipment on Saturday to try to recover two bodies buried on a hiking trail, while more than 600 people remained stranded in various locations, three days after the island’s strongest in 25 years.

Taiwan earthquake: over 600 people remain stranded days after disaster

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