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How to stop thinking about an interaction from my past?

At the first college I went to, which I later dropped out of because it was austere, cruel, and awful, I went to a little high school tour day thing. They had a seminar for prospective students; one of the faculty talking had people coming up and asking him questions at the end, in a classroom. This was fairly informal, but it...

People not from English-speaking countries, was it possible to watch cartoons in English subbed?

Sorry, I don’t really know how to phrase my question. For example, we know that over here in the USA, a box set of dragon ball z contains the English dub and the original Japanese track. If someone from somewhere else wanted to watch, let’s say SpongeBob on DVD, could they expect the original English track or was it...

on reddit mods acted like petty tyrants and were bastions of censorship. What prevents lemmy from going down the same rabbit hole? (

What irks me the most is the spinelessness of a lot of mods. Shadow banning and banning without an explanation just striffling free speech without acountability. Freedom of expression should not be subject to the whims of individuals!...

Do guys that tip cam models hundreds of dollars week after week think that model actually likes them?

I understand a fantasy and a one time thing like tipping on a guys night out at a strip club, but some of these guys think they are in a relationship with someone they will never meet and don’t even know their real name or life details.

In the Hamas/Israel war, why does Palestine have "hostages" but Israel has "prisoners"?

This occurred to me while listening to the news. When they exchange people it’s always hostages for people held in Palestine and prisoners for people held in Israel. Why is that? Is it just perception or is there a practical difference?...

Can anyone explain "Good Burger 2" to me? why does anyone want to watch this?

Background for myself, I was a viewer when Good Burger was a sketch on “All That,” a children’s sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon in the 90’s. It was basically Saturday night live for kids. They had this heavyset girl who sarcastically read the news like Chevy Chase and shit. It was pretty edgy for nine-year-olds. Good...

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