2xsaiko ,
@2xsaiko@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Imagine still putting your money anywhere near the newest BS of one the biggest current con men. Too bad.

Etterra ,

This guy's doesn't just bite the hand that feeds him; he's eaten all the flesh and is gnawing on the bones.

PiratePanPan ,
@PiratePanPan@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Breaking news: People who cozy up to face eating leopards will eventually get their faces eaten. More at 8.

Blackmist ,

Look at all these losers getting their faces eaten. I'm sure I am smart enough to not have that happen to me!

MapleEngineer ,

Wait until all the rubes who bought stocks find out that they're next. The fine print actually says that your stock purchase is actually just a non-refundable donation to the Donald J. Trump legal defence fund.

ChaoticEntropy ,
@ChaoticEntropy@feddit.uk avatar

Who knew that a renowned ruthless bastard snake oil swindler, and sexual predator, would be a bad person to get in to bed with.

Suavevillain ,
@Suavevillain@lemmy.world avatar

He is in a legal battle every day of the week and GOP voters are like damn this guy is fit to be President again.

milkjug ,

It broke my heart that devin nunez wasn't included in this suit.

Badeendje ,
@Badeendje@lemmy.world avatar

May their court battle be drawn out and their legal bills astronomical. They deserve it. All of them.

Akasazh , (edited )
@Akasazh@feddit.nl avatar

Amen brother (the break, I'm not religious)

half_built_pyramids ,

Odelay break

TrickDacy ,

But the leopards absolutely weren't supposed to eat their faces!!

Test_Tickles ,

First time in my life I am rooting for the lawyers to suck it all dry.

Mastengwe ,

He’s going to get that money any way he can. No one is safe. He will sue his own children if it bails him out.

CileTheSane ,
@CileTheSane@lemmy.ca avatar

I was going to say it might not be worth the lawyer's fees, but then I remembered that he's not going to pay his lawyers.

SlippiHUD ,
@SlippiHUD@lemmy.world avatar

Yes, truth social is completely impossible without trump. Nobody could possibly spin up a mastodon instance without a former president backing you. Just absolutely unheard of.

recapitated ,

I mean the fact that they managed to run it in a way that was illegal was pretty uniquely impressive.

ripcord ,
@ripcord@lemmy.world avatar

What's the background there? Illegal...?

normanwall ,
captainlezbian ,

Idk violating gpl isn’t hard you just have to think of it as some hippy bullshit without teeth instead of what it actually is: a pretty radical legal framework for intellectual property to be distributed freely that has plenty of teeth and a strong precedent

Crashumbc ,

I like GPL, but I thought it was basically just a contract.

who pays for the lawyers? Unless you have more money than your opponent nothing has much teeth in the US.

Cethin ,

This is from 2021. What happened? I assume nothing?

normanwall ,

They quietly complied with the requirements

fubarx ,
werefreeatlast ,

I feel like the truth is coming to Truth Social.

JoMiran ,
@JoMiran@lemmy.ml avatar
@PP_BOY_@lemmy.world avatar

Never. Leopards. Face.

bazus1 ,
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