DAMunzy ,

The Star-Spangled Banner is pro-slavery shit. No wonder MAGA loves it.

Happytongue ,

The really funny thing about this article and about the comments is that some asshole wrote “sends MAGA into meltdown” trying to equate just a few people’s opinion as that of an entire “movement’s” (if you could even call it a movement, I think the term MAGA shouldn’t even refer to any group of people - it’s simply an expression that people can have without referring to anything else at all. But whatever) opinion. That not just wrong, it’s incredibly lazy opinion writing under the guise of journalism. To read that and not just ignore it does not applaude one’s judgement when it comes to information that needs to be shared. This is made worse by taking it seriously and then reflecting its lazy judgement towards a large portion of the population and further claiming that they are racists.
Believing in a false claim of a meltdown, then arguing its validity AND throwing in racism is so absurd in its duplicity, that’s it comes across like a claim that a 6th grader might make. And that is a serious take. Anyone with any reasonable adult intelligence should be able to critically judge what is written as news these days, but that, unfortunately does not seem to be the case.

curiousaur ,

You seem like you're having a meltdown.

OddrunAsmundr ,
@OddrunAsmundr@lemm.ee avatar

I was doubtful right leaning media cared, but quite clearly it’s being heavily covered by such media.


Flax_vert ,

Does anybody actually like virtue signalling? I feel like the people who this is supposed to "pander" to are either

  1. dying of cringe
  2. Don't care
  3. Able to see through it being the scam it is
  4. More worried about more important things, eg, Palestine

And everyone who doesn't like it just gets mad.

It's like they're trying to sow division or something to turn the working class against each other

kholby ,

It has to start somewhere. Today it's virtue signaling, tomorrow it's normal and expected.

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons can still be a win.

DaveFuckinMorgan ,
@DaveFuckinMorgan@lemmy.world avatar

I would be upset if I gave a fuck about a sport that's just a bunch of violent, wife beating fleons lecturing me on what a piece of shit they think I am.

Draedron ,

Why would you be upset?

Crikeste ,

This post has nothing to do with the police.

DaveFuckinMorgan ,
@DaveFuckinMorgan@lemmy.world avatar

You think I give a fuck about the police? Lmao.


Wait. I thought the black national anthem was that From the Window to the Wall song.

doctorcrimson , (edited )

Till the sweat drop down my balls

(My balls)

Jokes aside they're referring to the USA National Hymn.

inclementimmigrant ,

I mean really, what at this point won't send a dumb ass MAGA person into toddler tantrum territory?

FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

Trump becoming dictator?

unphazed ,

Hope they like potatoes

finkrat ,

That implies socialism. They hate that. Instead, they get nothing and have to fight multi-million dollar corporations for land to make potatoes or pay exorbitant amounts at stores for one.

Which, uhh, now that I type it, we're not quite there yet but it doesn't sound that far off from where we're at

clearleaf ,
Tum ,

what is this from?

Sweetpeaches69 ,

My nightmares

dezmd Mod ,
@dezmd@lemmy.world avatar

Looks like an excellent setup for a new Dimension 20 season.

clearleaf ,

Megg Mogg and Owl by Simon Hansellman. I think that panel is from the covid comics they made for Instagram but I don't really remember. That series was called Crisis Zone.

inb4_FoundTheVegan ,
@inb4_FoundTheVegan@lemmy.world avatar

"I'm STILL not standing for this divisive garbage. One nation. One anthem."

But kneeling during the national anthem was such utter disrespect that players should be fired?

God. These people are insufferable.

FordBeeblebrox ,

Let’s not forget that Kap got that suggestion from a Soldier. These asshats don’t bother with context or nuance, it’s all just too woke

AquaTofana ,

Bruh I got into such an intense argument with my parents because I defended the BLM protests. They came at me hardcore for "violence" and "destruction of property". I asked them what the hell protestors were supposed to do to draw attention to their cause, and they told me that they would have respected a "peaceful protest".

I then pointed out the fact that Colin Kaepernick's career still hasn't recovered, and that they themselves haven't watched an NFL game since then...so no, they wouldn't. My dad then of course whipped out his favorite "insult": "Fucking Liberal", and then proceeded to tell me that I have no respect for the flag.

The inability for them to think critically is absolutely astounding.

FordBeeblebrox ,

Family is the worst when it comes to this stuff. Mine is all military, it is fucking WILD to me to hear all the old grunts who’d kill a commie for being red back when we were in a Cold War…now they’re telling me why this orange guy says the truth. Propaganda is a hell of a drug

AquaTofana ,

It's really wild to me, tbh. The military is what made me as Progressive as I am. My father served as well during Desert Storm in the USMC. He traveled around too. Yet I grew up in an extremely conservative household.

I wonder what yours says when trying to reconcile their own cognitive dissonance. It wasn't that long ago that we were actively against Russia FFS,

Facebones ,

My dad did 4 in the navy and got out chillin on ships and seeing some places, I haven't talked to him for a long time cause he burned that bridge in other traditional shitty family ways,. Over covid out of the blue he commented on Facebook on one of my posts that protestors aren't a problem if we shoot them, and that I'm "a pussy lib who hates America."

I'm 100% with the VA for injuries sustained in an IED blast. ^(and he knows that)

AquaTofana ,

Bruh, I am so fucking sorry that not only does your father seem uncaring in general (going off the "traditional shitty family ways" comment), but the fact that he completely disregarded the very real sacrifice you endured for the United States in general sounds like the most unbelievably frustrating and demoralizing thing ever. I've been fortunate enough to never deploy to a combat zone (all of my deployments have been to friendly zones), and I cannot imagine what you've been through, and how you're contending with a family member disregarding it. I hope you have all the support in the world my dude!

octopus_ink ,

I've made that same argument so many times. Weaselly maga jackasses can't even stay consistent with their own tortured logic.

bluewing ,

Kapernick's day has long passed because of this. But I think the base issue was that he wasn't good enough as a player to get away with it. For example: Mahomes would get a pass.

The NFL is replete with examples of them turning a blind eye to a player's actions IF they are good enough. See: DUI and domestic abuse cases against players. Like say Deshaun Watson......

UnderpantsWeevil ,
@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

They came at me hardcore for “violence” and “destruction of property”.

Same as it ever was.


Nobody question how much of that damage was caused by squad cars plowing through pedestrian traffic and beanbag rounds crashing through store fronts. Nobody ask why there's a cop's night stick protruding from your windshield.

Its those damned violent extremist protesters, I tell you.

proceeded to tell me that I have no respect for the flag

Hey, listen. Maybe if the price of toilet paper hadn't risen so quickly, you'd be right. But I respect the shit out of some cheap disposable material when I'm in a tight spot.

jjjalljs ,

The inability for them to think critically is absolutely astounding.

They're coming from an emotional place. They feel things and scramble for words to express it. You can't use facts with someone who doesn't care about them. It's all emotion.

captainlezbian ,

It sounds like they just want to be mad at black people

FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

Every complaint they make has a big old exception hole that they jump through.

slurpeesoforion ,

She forgot the "ein Volk and ein Fürer" bit of the phrase. I'm sure it was just a minor oversight.

UnderpantsWeevil ,
@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

But kneeling during the national anthem was such utter disrespect that players should be fired?

Yeah, cause that was the good Christian White People anthem, not the evil BLM Antifa Communist Hate-American anthem.

InternetUser2012 ,

FUCK MAGA. Every single one of them can fuck right off. They are babies, snowflakes, mouth breathing morons. They can't think for themselves, they have to be told how to feel. I wish these lemmings would walk out into the ocean and feed the sharks.

littlebluespark ,
@littlebluespark@lemmy.world avatar

The sharks don't want 'em. 🤮

pigup ,

You forgot racist too

FordBeeblebrox ,

They said MAGA already

InternetUser2012 ,

That's a big one too.

eran_morad ,

They’re worthless traitor filth. A waste of carbon.

Facebones ,

They want to be Russia so bad airdrop them over Russia. 🤷

InternetUser2012 ,

No chutes though, save the tax dollars.

Facebones ,

They DO hate federal spending.

MeDuViNoX ,

Hey now, maybe don't insult the lemmings on Lemmy?

darthfabulous42069 ,

People on Lemmy are just as bad.

njm1314 ,

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • helenslunch ,

    Premiered in 1900, "Lift Every Voice and Sing" was communally sung within Black American communities, while the NAACP began to promote the hymn as a "Negro national anthem" in 1917


    njm1314 ,

    Oh well if someone said it over 100 years ago then clearly it's still exactly as accurate it is today. I mean there's no way I could sit here and show you multiple proclamations by groups in 1917 that I wouldn't think hold true today but we could play that game. Surely in 1917 the age of Woodrow Wilson there were no uncomfortable disturbing proclamations made about America.

    Also can someone please tell me why the NAACP has the ability to declare a national anthem? I must have missed that in the Constitution.

    helenslunch , (edited )

    Who decides what is the "correct terminology"?

    It's a phrase coined by the NAACP. It's not "right wing terminology".

    Just put your shovel away.

    octopus_ink ,

    Also can someone please tell me why the NAACP has the ability to declare a national anthem? I must have missed that in the Constitution.

    Dude, you can hear a song that moves you tomorrow and call it the njm1314 national anthem if you want to. And if enough people like what you have to say about it, they might start calling it that too. I'd hope none of those people think that means you have the ability to "declare a national anthem" because it would be about the stupidest thing to complain about.

    I mean there’s no way I could sit here and show you multiple proclamations by groups in 1917 that I wouldn’t think hold true today but we could play that game.

    You incorrectly implied the origin of the phrase and were corrected. No one has to call it that. You don't have to call it that. No one is forcing you to call it that, nor demanding you stand when it is played, nor will be angry if you don't call it that. Some people, not just maga, still call it that. So you can rage at 100 years of some people voluntarily calling it that, or you can just exercise your freedom to not call it that and move on.

    Any chance you are as angry about the maga tantrum as you are about this song?

    samus12345 ,
    @samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

    I first heard Lift Every Voice and Sing in high school (which was back in the 90s, I'm old) and I liked it, much better than the official national anthem. It acknowledges the atrocities of the past while being hopeful of the future instead of the usual "rah rah our country is the greatest" crap.

    frezik ,

    But is it styled after a British drinking song? That's the best thing about the current anthem.

    samus12345 ,
    @samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

    Not even a very good one, at that!

    Godric ,

    Too much religion at the end for my taste, but I really like the rest of it.

    samus12345 ,
    @samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

    Agreed, but since there are multiple verses, the last one can simply be omitted according to preference.

    Ensign_Crab ,

    Didn't they throw a fit about this last year too?

    FenrirIII ,
    @FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

    Snowflakes gonna snowflake

    Fedizen ,

    broflake conservatives gonna cry and whine about literally everything.

    helenslunch ,

    I don't know why I bother even reading articles anymore. Zero information about the actual content of the song so now I have to go research it myself.

    FlavoredButtHair ,
    @FlavoredButtHair@lemmy.world avatar

    What about the blue anthem for smurfs, can't leave them out

    otp ,

    Yes, Republicans are probably offended by Smurfs, too

    kaitco ,

    They’re blue; that means they’re Dems and must be smote.

    SkybreakerEngineer ,

    Okay then, join with me:

    Agitatis Ultramarini

    Nobilitis Ultramarini

    FlyingSquid ,
    @FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

    I'm pretty sure the Smurf anthem is: la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.

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