LarmyOfLone ,

The whole thing is shit, starting with how they tell them to leave for no reason. And the you can see the cop pick off the last one for no good reason. They can bully and harass people however they want to create and escalate these kinds of situations.

Those cops aren't just the usual ACAB they are outright fascists.

platypus_plumba ,

If people defend themselves against abuse, they go to jail.

If they don't, they go to jail.

agent_flounder , avatar

Not true. They might instead go to the hospital or morgue.

FlyingSquid , avatar

But- and hear me out here- what if they're rich?

SnotFlickerman ,

Believe it or not... They don't go to jail unless they stole from other rich people.

Ragdoll_X , avatar
givesomefucks ,

A cops word should mean nothing unless their body cam is on

Maybe that will be enough for them to stop accidentally turning them off

Deceptichum , avatar

Nah a cops word should mean nothing.

Let the body cam speak for them.

CobblerScholar ,

A cops word means something but no more than anyone else without the weight of evidence behind them

bamboo ,

Cops as a group are not trustworthy and have a long history of making shit up. Their words are worth less than average.

DragonTypeWyvern ,

It doesn't mean nothing, it means they're lying.

MiltownClowns ,

We used to have to trust the police because otherwise the system would collapse without that trust. But now that trust has been supplanted by actual evidence in the form of body cameras. And that evidence shows that the police can't be trusted.

Just like religion in this country, hopefully trust in the police will continur to fade as we get more and more evidence that it's just another tool used to suppress the underclass.

Wrench ,

I would go so far as to substantiate any claim of police abuse if their camera was off.

Police testimony inadmissible, and suspects testimony as the truth.

If they don't like it, they will be motivated to cooperate with camera mandates rather than tamper with them.

Nelots , avatar

A cop should have zero authority to do anything if their body cam is off. They should be treated as a regular civilian.

thefartographer ,

"Since the very beginning, we've asked people not to rush to judgment based on what they're hearing from the mayor and NYPD, because you see how they've been depicting our communities over the past two years," Murad Awawdeh, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, told Hell Gate. "In this moment though, I am shocked the truth was not shared and they allowed a segment of a clip that did not illustrate the entire of the incident be played 24/7 on every news network."

I am shocked. SHOCKED!

some_guy ,

We all know cops are forthright with information that would implicate them as aggressors. They follow transparency guidelines to a T. Remember when they admitted they caused [x, y, z] terrible things? Leave them alone. They're blameless.

Fuck cops.

hypnotoad__ , avatar


themeatbridge ,


FlyingSquid , avatar

Including Mayor Adams.

SoupBrick ,

Surprising nobody.

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