spudwart ,
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When you shop at big box stores, the money leaves the community and goes to the wealthy 0.01%ers.

But the evil of their methods is that typically once they move in there’s literally no other options left. Everything else either goes out of business or your wages drop so low you can’t afford anything else.

These are a blight on American society.

These types of stores didn’t used to be possible for various reasons. But removal of anti-trust regulations and a focus on car-centrism have enabled this hellish combo of monopolistic box stores that can pop up, kill the competition and leave a wasteland behind in which it is both financially and legally impossible for the local population to bring back local stores.

Local stores tend to be in the older town areas where dense-buildings were once legal, and are grandfathered in. These get bought up and flattened and replaced with a mcdonalds or a gas station while the walmartification is in full swing. Then once walmart implodes there because no one can afford it anymore, walmart closes and the other chains close as well. No one can afford to replace walmart or the gas stations at scale for the obnoxious amount of land they use, but they also can’t replace them with more dense buildings because its literally illegal.

possiblylinux127 ,
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What’s wrong with it?

ChaoticNeutralCzech ,
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Ever been to a dollar store?
The reason is that they often need to have just 1-2 employees to cut costs and stay competitive.

watersnipje ,

Are those stains or shadows?

Hazmatastic ,


intensely_human ,

If you think this is run down looking you should see shops in other countries

bradorsomething ,

This can’t be a walmart in america, where are the 50 american flags?

dontpanic ,

It’s not, it’s a Meijer (Midwest chain).

recapitated ,

In the US I don’t really shop at a lot of these big name department/supermarket stores but I appreciate the deprioritization of superfluous building fashion.

But from what I understand, if you compare our hospitals to those abroad, the values are flipped on their head. We have granite marble waterfront facilities with grand fountains in the lobby and the patients and health care staff are treated like ass, we have poor outcomes that bankrupt us. But at least the place we shouldn’t want to be in looks sharp.

intensely_human ,

Hmm. I wonder if our hospital architecture affects medical staff’s attitude toward patients. Perhaps hospitals should be more down to earth, to elevate the patients, like the Temple of the Human Spirit

recapitated ,

I don’t think the medical staff is the issue, from what I can tell it’s leadership, organizational and financial priorities that are setting health care workers up for failure.

intensely_human ,

I didn’t say anything about staff. The comment was about architecture

norbert ,
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I wonder if our hospital architecture affects medical staffs attitude towards patients.

The other commenter replied that in their opinion leadership, organizational, and financial priorities are setting health care workers up for failure. Implying those areas might be more impactful re: medical staffs attitude than the architecture of the hospital.

intensely_human ,

True, I did mention the staff. But the variable in question that I was wondering about is whether the architecture affects the staff in that way. In this case the staff are just passively refracting the pattern from the architecture.

It’s a far out theory. It’s far more likely that the administrative culture has a much bigger effect.

My question was really: could the attitude toward patients be altered merely by changing the hospital’s building architecture, in a way to put more emphasis on the person?

norbert ,
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All things being equal it seems like the environment/design of the hospital should have a measurable impact on at least some percentage of patients.

I don't have any expertise but taken to an extreme, patients in stark, depressing settings must have worse recovery rates than ones in aesthetically pleasing, happy ones right?

jacktherippah ,

WDYM run down? Bro that looks really good.

manastorm ,

You should see Walmart in Canada. Makes US Walmart look like a luxury store.

redbr64 ,

If you think this is run down, check out John Oliver’s recent piece on “dollar stores” in the US

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DAE Murica sux? XDXDXD

PetDinosaurs ,


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  • NOT_RICK ,
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    Who called the comment police?

    PetDinosaurs ,

    Be nice.

    Jesus Christ. Just be nice.

    Why is no one on Lemmy nice.

    NOT_RICK ,
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    Im generally only rude when someone posts a low effort dig at my country or when someone attempts to dictate how I should act

    Ethanice ,

    You should delete this comment and post something more helpful.

    Kolanaki ,
    @Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

    If this is “run down” I wanna see what you would consider normal.

    recapitated ,

    So in other words “yes” 😁. Honestly the floors look clean, stuff is on shelves, I have no idea what OP is complaining about.

    Pyr_Pressure ,

    I assume they mean more like… Sterile? Walmart always puts me off by how cold and uninviting it is. Just a white warehouse with metal shelves, fluorescent lights, and linoleum floors. There’s no life to them like other smaller stores.

    LoamImprovement ,

    This is how most supermarkets (Walmart/Kroger/Target, etc.) in the U.S. look brand new - they’re effectively warehouses that sell product directly to customers. Smaller shops and boutiques have finished ceilings that hide the ductwork and such because they’re meant to be more flexible commercial/office space, but large stores like this do not, except for specialized locations like electronics, jewelery, or pharmacy, that can be gated off from the rest of the inside of the building for reduced operation and security.

    glimse ,

    How is this mildly infuriating

    intensely_human ,

    If you eat inflammatory foods every day, anything can be mildly infuriating

    lordxakio ,

    Boy oh boy. Go to some of the save-a-lots in Cleveland OH. You’ll see the “run down” feeling. It’s just supposed to be the cheapest store to buy stuff, which makes sense they don’t go all out

    _stranger_ ,

    As a Texan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t post about HEB:

    Practically every store is different, they tailor them to the neighborhoods they’re built in.


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