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Most "simulation" games aren't simulators

I was just browsing the Google Play Store and I am getting frustrated seeing games being tagged with the genre, but aren't actually simulating anything. E.g. Idle Miner/Mining Tycoon (can't remember name). Nothing in the game is accurate or even tries to represent real life. It even has cartoon graphics. Now I'm not getting mad...

Why do all the new TVs expect me to have a platform AS WIDE as the fucking thing?? Fucking shit!! God awful absolutely dumb thoughtless design choice (

luckily this is just a 32; i had a 70 from the same brand with the same INSANELY FUCKING STUPID STAND DESIGN that i had to find something for…literally at the most extreme edges of the thing, what the fuck is this? this is so fucking stupid, it cannot be meaningfully cheaper than a proper design and it looks fucking dumb as...

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