FauxPseudo ,
@FauxPseudo@lemmy.world avatar

This was the song that changed me. I was disappointed with everything on the radio. Then I heard this. It shaped me.

darganon ,

I love this song, and the beginning is very pretty and well thought out, but they could start it when the double bass kicks in and it’s maybe the best song ever written.

Pretty much the same thing about The Day That Never Comes.

ShunkW ,

I’ll start the conversation with two hot takes, prefaced with that I adore the first 5 albums.

  1. Metallica wouldn’t be considered metal by many metal heads if they came out today, which is just an interesting comment on the massive evolution of metal since their inception more than anything.
  2. Master of Puppets is their best album. Heads above Ride in my opinion, and I’ve been called a heretic for saying as much lol.
WastedJobe ,

I almost always hear of Master or Justice as their best album, and both are equally valid imo. Now Black Album, THAT would be controversial.
If they released Kill em All today, I think it would be considered Metal because it wouldn’t really fit anywhere else. Their newer stuff is already not really considered Metal in elitist circles though, is it?

Ryan213 ,
@Ryan213@lemmy.world avatar

Hottest take: Load is their best album. Lol

ShunkW ,

Interesting. I have 100% of the time heard Ride the Lightning as their best. I personally think that Load up to St. Anger are definitely in the hard rock category for my own mental categorization. I never listened to anything after that though.

I don’t really think I’m an elitist. I just feel like that even on the black album, they were just trending to a much different sound that doesn’t really fit the bill. Not making a value judgment. That’s just how I think of it in my head.

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