kbin.run meta

[META] How's my driving?

Hi all, so it has been a couple weeks since the initial launch of kbin.run and I'm curious to hear what people's opinions are and how they like the overall experience here vs. other kbin instances. Generally speaking, I think kbin's stability has greatly improved since launch as the first turn on was a very haphazard attempt at...

Another round of performance optimizations completed

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend optimizing the interaction between NGINX, PHP, Symfony framework tuning handles, Postgres and Cloudflare before I give up on this server and move kbin.run to a more powerful machine. The big change that will improve performance: I'm force rewriting the caching headers on images that are...

[REMINDER] Magazines with 0 subscribers will receive 0 updates

At least 1 user needs to be subscribed to a magazine in order for it to receive federated updates, so keep that in mind after searching for a new magazine/community. I get subscribed to everything by default (hopefully Mbin will change this behavior in the future), so if it's not a magazine I want to see in my feed I will...

After subscribing to a new magazine, I get booted to m/all despite my default view being m/sub

I’m on mobile right now. I tested and this does not happen on other kbin instances. It also seems to happen with some magazines but not others and I’m not sure why—best guess is some of the magazines are totally new to this instance and some are not.

[FIXED] Avatar uploads (and possibly other media) are broken in latest code release

It was brought to my attention that avatar uploads are causing 500 errors and upon further investigation, it appears to be related to a bug in the latest code release. I've created an issue in Codeberg for those interested and will update once the issue has been resolved....

[DEBUG] Disabling automatic client updates via server-side pushes

I'm temporarily disabling a server-side feature that allows for dynamic client-side content refreshing (push updates). It seems as though this capability has been causing unintentional session timeouts making the site appear frozen/super slow, sorry for any inconvenience... but let me know if you notice any performance...

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