samus12345 , avatar

But no oil came out.

riodoro1 ,

Because it was photoshopped. It works in reality

_TheThunderWolf_ ,

popular in america /s

lapislazuli ,

No worries, you can hammer the dents out.

271apple ,


IndiBrony , avatar

Squish that catr

ginerel , avatar

Relevant username instance name

Rezbit , avatar

Be sure to use a filter if you’re a weirdo that doesn’t like pulp

Gork ,

Extra Virgin Motor Oil, cold pressed, coming right up.

TimeSquirrel , avatar

Extra Virgin

I prefer lightly fucked.

ekky43 ,

Extra virgin

I prefer lightly fucked.

Screw it, I’m not picky, give me the full slut.

Wes_Dev ,

Cheaper than virgin, but full of flavor.

ThatWeirdGuy1001 ,


burntbutterbiscuits ,

This vehicle is slightly more than lightly fucked.

Omega_Haxors ,

Bussy actually means hot bus tailpipe.

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