spudwart ,
@spudwart@spudwart.com avatar

Okay but for more clarity sake. LINUX IS NOT UNIX. I don’t care how many certifications or random university teachers mix the two up, they’re wrong.

Linux has only one bit of history with Unix and that is the fact it was made because there was no easily accessible Unix source code for Linus and other students to use. Linus made a Unix-like os. Hence Lin-ux. But it’s not Unix. It doesn’t use any Unix source code. It’s not based on System V or any other official Unix version. Linux is Unix in name only. Its POSIX compliant and has a few POSIX certified distros, but it’s not Unix.

This fact is what made it so favorable to devs worldwide. Unix having his history as a proprietary operating system with a confusing license situation where AT&T would seemingly go sue happy at random made Unix scary and unfavorable.

Linux was built from the ground up. It had no such history. If Linux were Unix this couldn’t possibly have been true, and it certainly wouldn’t have gone on to take over the server and smart phone markets.

Linux is not Unix.

Unix is not Linux.

MacOS is not Linux.

BSD is not Linux.

ILikeBoobies ,

People say Mac is BSD, haven’t heard it called Linux

It’s referred to as Unix for the conventions it implements not from being built out of

JackLSauce ,

Ah yes, the highly-demanded name change people are definitely arguing should happen

smeg ,

GNU wasn’t mistaken for Unix though, it was made as a piece-by-piece foss replacement for all the proprietary Unix tools. Everything about this meme is wrong!

AnUnusualRelic ,
@AnUnusualRelic@lemmy.world avatar

Absolutely. Gnu was made to be specifically different from Unix which was becoming locked down by AT&T copyrights. Gnu wasn’t Unix, and therefore still isn’t.

kool_newt ,

GNU con Linux

Bishma ,
@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

When I am emperor of earth, recursive acronyms will be outlawed. Start prepping now.

voodooattack ,

But you’ll be the EMPEROR, and the EMPEROR Must Please Emerging Renegades Of Recursiveness.

Arthur_Leywin , (edited )

YAML is running for its life

Bishma ,
@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

YAML will be granted a grace period as a recursive acronym, but as punishment they must remove the questionable contraction and will henceforth be YANML.

CapeWearingAeroplane ,

WINE would like a word

Bishma ,
@Bishma@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

WINE is the biggest offender. They shall be forced to forever de-acronym!

Perroboc ,

Linux Is Not UniX? Linux?

RmDebArc_5 OP ,
@RmDebArc_5@lemmy.ml avatar

Linux is Unix like but not Unix

Perroboc ,

I meant L.I.N.U.X: Linux Is Not UniX

Pantherina ,
@Pantherina@feddit.de avatar

I use GNU is not Unix is not Linux + Linux in a distributed form called Fedora using a display protocol called wayland on a Desktop called KDE btw.

metaStatic ,

or as I've come to call it Arch

backhdlp ,
@backhdlp@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Umm ackwschually the DE is called Plasma

Pantherina ,
@Pantherina@feddit.de avatar

K Desktop Environment

I dont get this Plasma thing

callyral ,
@callyral@pawb.social avatar

It used to be K Desktop Environment, but it’s called Plasma since KDE became the organization behind KDE Plasma. This is because they make things other than the desktop environment, like apps such as Krita or Kdenlive, which aren’t DE specific.

Klear ,


blackernel ,

More semantically than some other answers, GNU software is generally on Linux computers, so if GNL was Not Linux, than it would be even more confusing for it to be on a Linux computer.

I think if you need to make the destiction, GNU+Linux is probably the best option for the whole software set and kernel included and if you want to talk about the operating system, I think naming your distribution and following it up with “a distribution of Linux” would be the most accurate, if you are in a situation where accuracy counts.

I use Arch, btw.

backhdlp ,
@backhdlp@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

I use Arch, a distribution of Linux, btw

sarmale ,


Moshpirit ,

GNL is difficult to pronounce or longer if you spell it.

RmDebArc_5 OP ,
@RmDebArc_5@lemmy.ml avatar

And the mascot no longer works

BeardedGingerWonder ,

What’s wrong with the penguin?

RmDebArc_5 OP ,
@RmDebArc_5@lemmy.ml avatar

The Gnu

catharso ,


fakeman_pretendname ,


Unfotunately, might not mean much to 99.925% of the world.

I’m not sure what the mascot would be. Perhaps a fence, dog poo, lager can or discarded mattress.

spudwart ,
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It’s also flat out wrong.

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