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Lutris Guitar Hero - Notes...notes everywhere!

Hi guys! So…I’m trying to run Guitar Hero World Tour (with mods) on my new setup. But, there’s a rather…impairing graphical glitch during the gameplay: All the notes falling down to you are…triplicated, forming a VERTICAL wall of notes coming towards you. It’s…impossible to see what’s coming when. Attaching pic...

how do you choose between two lauchers? steam amd gog through heroic?

With the use of Heroic game launcher, I’m wondering if you all preferred to play your GOG version of games over the Steam version. I can go either way but sometimes I pause and think, having two copies of the same game, one on steam and one on GOG, which one would give me a better gaming experience. For example, I may choose...

Steam using CPU to process vulkan shaders instead of GPU? (

Hey all, I have a RTX 3060 and a Ryzen 5600G and I'm on Ubuntu 22.04. Since Steam has shader pre-processing on Linux I thought I'd ask on a Linux gaming community about this. I noticed that when Steam processes Vulkan shaders, it uses the CPU (my CPU heats up a lot and the process manager shows CPU being used while GPU is not...

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