gwendolencopper , (edited )

Any virtual keyboard / on-screen keyboard recommendations for Gnome (Wayland) users? The default one doesn't support X11/XWayland apps, which unfortunately is most of them...

Pantherina ,

Yes poorly. The input method protocol was done by Purism (which says something as that company seems dead or whatever) and then basically untouched.

gwendolencopper OP ,

@Excigma I can swipe up to force the keyboard to appear, but pressing the keys does nothing in X11 apps (which use XWayland under Wayland), like Chromium browsers or KeepassXC

talesofaprinny , avatar

How do I properly resize my LVM partitions when it is inside LUKS?

Do I have to boot in a USB to do it or can it be done while the crypt is open/being used? I need to resize my root partition.


talesofaprinny OP , avatar

@atzanteol All's good. Yea, reason for the post was that even though I took the partitions offline it wouldn't still let me resize. So I think the best next move would be just booting into a USB and see if it lets me.

The whole disk well, only the boot is separated. The rest of the partition has the whole space controlled by LVM. Interestingly even though that may be the setup something was just rejecting my resize request.

Sadly have more to say but Mastodon limit is hitting haha. nutshell

atzanteol ,

Did you already shrink the filesystem? I think lvresize will refuse to shrink if the FS is too big (not sure - I don't shrink volumes often).

talesofaprinny , avatar

Anyone knows how to properly start a multiseat wayland with a desktop environment or window manager running?

I just need simple stuff such as profile initialization of the user and if it's possible to just share the same discrete GPU across multiple seats?

The end result? I want to isolate my current user space from the gaming space where I can just connect using moonlight/sunshine. I want it all headless.

@linux @linux_gaming

keefshape ,

I may have to give it a go. I am similarly adverse to mucking with xorg confs.

TMP_NKcYUEoM7kXg4qYe ,

Let me know if you get any progress

anders , avatar

Enterprise Linux on desktop?

Anyone using enterprise Linux on their desktop such as RHEL, Alma, Rocky, CentOS etc.?

I'm curious if it's easy to use for this purpose or if the older packages are a pain.


anders OP , avatar

@possiblylinux127 Fedora FTW 🙏

GnomeComedy ,

Hi! I sincerely want to thank you for your well thought out response. I apologize if the word troll came off wrong. I probably should have used a better descriptor. My primary goal was to be a voice FOR enterprise distros at home - because I saw mostly posts from people who probably aren't professional sysadmins and have never even tried an enterprise distro.

I fully concede on the VERY new hardware being a challenge for RHEL, an Ubuntu LTS or similar. I'm unfortunately not in a situation where I can afford that problem (kids and daycare costs) so it's fallen off my radar. I do occasionally run into it at work with research groups that just buy the latest/fastest gaming hardware without checking with IT (we would generally steer them towards workstation/data center grade hardware instead of gaming hardware...not applicable to this discussion for home use). If somehow I could acquire something with new enough hardware to have that problem I'd probably use Fedora on it (so I could just modify my Ansible to work with both), and wait for current Fedora to become RHEL and then that hardware would become RHEL for the rest of it's lifetime. Mainly - the huge number of constant updates and the every 6 month big updates on Fedora are just too much hassle for me.

On gaming and the other comparisons about improvements on newer packages: I do agree with you. My personal approach has just moved to use what is "tried and tested" and "good enough". It's a pretty common approach for sysadmins to let other early adopters find all of the bugs in new stuff. For example: I'm excited about bcachefs, but when I installed Fedora Rawhide just to test it after the recent 6.7 release - I found it largely NOT ready for anything I would need to trust (commands that return the console, but no indication that they did nothing for example - doesn't give me a good feeling about putting all of my family photos on it until it matures). For now, I'll still use XFS for small systems and ZFS for large systems or where I need send/receive.

All of that said: I acknowledge these are preferences and my approach, not a " right" way. I do still think it's a valid approach for some who wants less updates and a more stable config if they're happy with "fast enough" and less potential for update breakage.

Thank you again for being respectful and detailed in your response. Cheers!

yianiris , avatar

Corporate Spam Bot

is a booster-bot not really of linux, I would say ANTI-LINUX, and promotes constantly marketing by 3-4 corporations that seek to dominate linux and displace all alternatives.


Portrays as linux the products of IBM (systemd, Qt-corporation) and the distros that promote them by prohibiting alternatives.

BAN the corporate spam bot from all servers!

yianiris OP , avatar

The majority of people speak of junk/fast food 3 brands of soda, 2, 3 brands of coffee/tea, 2 brnands of tropical fruit ,3 brands of power-drinks, 3 brands of beer,
as nutrition, 2 brands of phone OSs, and it is all crap if not bad for you.

So what is your point?

What is popular is what has been marketed, and it is usually both dominant and a very poor alternative to what it sells for.


Rustmilian , (edited ) avatar

You should just block 99% of Linux insistence if you're that butt hurt over what's popular.
Also, the Linux community consistently doesn't give a rats ass about marketing, we only care about what works well.
X11/Xorg for example is dying not "because of marketing", it's dying because it an unmaintainable mess with numerous unfixable problems and downright design flaws. That's why in collaboration with Xorg devs created and develop Wayland.

foxy , avatar

Apparently my love language is installing @linux on the laptops of people I really care about.

krisfreedain , avatar

@foxy @linux yeah, I'm an Ubuntu user myself, and would likely go that route for others, just curious to see what your experience has been so far 😀

foxy OP , avatar

@krisfreedain @linux
I started from Ubuntu in high school and it felt bloated. I moved to Void which was nice, but not really supported in general. I started recommending Fedora to beginners but started using Alpine as my daily driver. Don't think I will ever move from Alpine, but maybe I will recommend something other than Fedora in the future.

Varen , avatar

got told to crosspost over here to reach more people:

I don't know if and how crossposting functions in kbin/lemmy, so hopefully it'll work that way

Varen OP , avatar

ok took me 3 days to test, apologies :D
but unfortunately, no, doesn't work. Even the "old" iso stucks at the exact same position with the exact same behavior :(

rufus ,

Ah nice. At least something. But I don't think it'll change anything since it's still grub outputting that, and not a life sign from the kernel.

ajayiyer , avatar

Gentle reminder to everyone that support for ends in about 90 weeks. Many computers can't upgrade to Win 11 so here are your options:

  1. Continue on Win 10 but with higher security risks.
  2. Buy new and expensive hardware that supports Win11.
  3. Try a beginner friendly distro like . It only takes about two months to acclimate.

@nixCraft @linux @windowscentralbot

LeFantome ,

Gravity is not just attraction to the closest thing but also the heaviest thing.

As the galaxies “pass” each other, all stars will be attracted to the dense cores of each galaxy. That is going to change the trajectory of individual stars and, as an aggravate effect, the overall shape and distribution. Unless the galaxies are aligned on the same angle, this is going to drag stars off the primary plane.

As the galaxies approach, the arms will stretch out to each other. As they pass through each other, the planes will tug on each other, and after they “exit”, the arms will reach back.

All this new motion will disrupt the natural shape and trajectory of the galaxy as a whole. Depending on the momentum, it could get pulled back and the whole process could happen again ( and again ) with greater disorder each time.

cafeinux ,

Just an update because I just figured what happened: I booted the iso through Ventoy, and just saw today that by default Ventoy injects register entries to bypass the online account requirement (as well as the hardware checks). Good to know.

voxel , (edited ) avatar

Hey 👋 dear Linux Community,

I'm still kinda new to Linux (started using this year 😅) I already made it to my main OS, even if I still missing some things which I used on Windows, anyway. What I wanted to ask you guys, what recommendations do you have for Linux Mint (Cinnamon)? In terms of security, optimization, (a way to make the UI looking modern ;-;) and privacy? I would be very interested in what you do guys to optimize your Linux setup :) I'm pretty technical, so there is nothing which could overwhelm me (probaly).

Thx! 🤍


moinsdix ,

Regarding the UI and the look and feel, I can highly recommend catppuccin as a theme in basically whatever you want.
I use it on Mint Cinnamon as well, and find it very good looking!

voxel OP , avatar

@const_void It's not about choosing distros in anyway, please read the post before you comment. 🙄

spiritedpause , avatar

A Sneak Peek at new linux distro Zorin OS 17


linuxdweeb ,

and KDE users didn’t even get anything new at all.

This is misinformation.

KDE users got a broken Nvidia driver.

jaeme ,

Zorin OS 17 isn't going to dethrone Linux Mint any time soon. I wish they switched to following Ubuntu LTS releases instead of being on their own timeline. 22.04 package base is going to be 2 years old by the time this releases.

They obviously spent a lot of time on aesthetics and simplicity which seems to be the main appeal of the distribution.

uis , avatar

Nix teaches Fedora some packaging magic


Sven_Ademi , German avatar

Ich habe gestern mit den neuen GPTs von OpenAI rumgespielt und mir letztendlich für meine aktuellen Projekte drei tatsächlich hilfreiche Chatbots erstellt.

Say hello to "Linux Server Admin Assistant", "Bricks Builder Assistant" und "Kirby CMS Advisor". Derzeit frei verfügbar für alle, die es brauchen und ein Abo für ChatGPT abgeschlossen haben.

"Das ist nicht die Zukunft, aber man kann sie von hier aus sehen" (DXHR)

@bastianallgeier @linuxmint @linuxnews @linux @LinuxGuides

waspentalive , avatar

Google Translate of the Post:

Yesterday I played around with the new GPTs from OpenAI and ended up creating three actually helpful chatbots for my current projects.

Say hello to “Linux Server Admin Assistant”, “Bricks Builder Assistant” and “Kirby CMS Advisor”. Currently freely available to anyone who needs it and has a ChatGPT subscription.

“This is not the future, but you can see it from here” (DXHR)

@bastianallgeier @linuxmint @linuxnews @linux @LinuxGuides

recursivesive ,

Könntest du einen schreiben, um deine Beiträge vor dem Posten zu übersetzen? 🤔

nirogu , avatar

Run command as not-root

Hi everyone

At work, I have to run a command in an AWS instance. In that particular instance only exists the root user. The command should not be executed with root privileges (it executes mpirun, which is not recommended to run as sudo or the machine might break), so I was wondering if there is a way to block or disable the sudo privileges while the command is running. As mentioned, the only user existing there is root, so I suppose "sudo -u" is not an option.

Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance!


ursakhiin ,

It’s not that an Amazon instance can be a docker container. It was more that the behavior you are describing is extremely odd for a full Linux environment but normal for a docker container.

If you created the instance, it isn’t likely a container. But it also sounds like the base image might be poorly set up

elscallr , avatar

You’ll thank yourself for it later. Things like this take a little longer up front but putting them off has a way of making you have to work around it again and again until, when you get around to correcting it, it takes far more time to undo the workarounds than it would’ve taken to correct it the first time.

nirogu , avatar

Problem with WiFi driver in arch linux

Hi everyone

I've been trying to solve a problem with my arch (endeavour) instalation and wanted to know if anyone here can help

Everything is working well, excepting the WiFi connection. It is extremely slow, sometimes disconnecting from the network, and in the task bar, the WiFi icon shows that the signal strength is weak, although the router is in the same room. Switching between r8168 and r8169 as recommended doesnt work. Any ideas?


nirogu OP , avatar

@Rustmilian @linux Yeah, it's close to impossible to find documentation on what to do here. I'm trying to find out how is it that Fedora works well with the same hardware, and even considering changing the card itself, but for the moment at least my connection is much more stable after setting the iwlwifi.conf file
Once again, thank you for your help!

nirogu OP , avatar

@Link @linux Yep, writing from Tusky right now. The fediverse is great :)

BolexForSoup , avatar

Looking to dip my toes into Linux for the first time. I have a 2016 Intel MacBook Pro with pretty solid specs collecting dust right now that I think I’m going to use. Research so far has indicated to me that the two best options for me are likely Mint or Elementary OS. Does anyone have any insight? Also open to other OS’s. I would consider myself decently tech savvy but I am not a programmer or anything. Comfortable dipping into the terminal when the need arises and all that.


BolexForSoup OP , avatar


@linux @luthis

Appreciate the clarification!

Pantherina ,

No Linux distro “tracks” like Windows, Android, iOS or macOS do. This is nonsense. Fedora may introduce opt-something telemitry that will just help make the Distro better, and via one single setting you can always enable or disable it.

I have full data sharing on KDE and also report lots of bugs.

Pro-tip: set your username as “user” do avoid doxxing yourself uploading debug logs

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