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Asking for a Linux (or non-Windows) laptop during a job interview?

I'm interviewing for a software dev job currently (it's in the initial stages). If things work out, I'd absolutely prefer a work laptop with Linux installed (I personally use PopOS but any distro will do), a Mac will be second choice, but I absolutely cannot tolerate Windows, I abhor it, I hate it... (If all computers left on...

Bluetooth issues on Bazzite OS ( )

Hi, I've been having issues with my network adapter on Bazzite OS. Both WIFI and Bluetooth do not work, and the the utility nmcli device confirms this. I used lspci to find my network controller, which is a `MEDIATEK Corp. MT7922 802.11ax PCI Express Wireless Network Adapter. I'm unsure how to proceed further. Thanks.

Linux desktop appreciation post

I recently had to use windows for stuff and after a year of using Linux, it made me realise how janky windows is in comparison. Even on a top spec pc unminimized (or resized) windows flash white before their contents appear. Super-d to minimize/maximize doesn't bring all windows back up or in the same order. And these are...

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