HootinNHollerin ,



scroll_responsibly ,
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3volver ,

I just read: "Biden administration set to greenlight $18 billion sale of F-15 fighter jets to Israel"

Oh sure... he's "outraged".

FenrirIII ,
@FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

Those are older air superiority fighters to be delivered in a couple years. That's the least bad thing we've sold them.

Etterra ,

I don't get it - they keep using the weapons we've been shoveling over there to kill the wrong people! I've tried scolding them but they just won't stop slaughtering the innocent! I have no idea but to get them to stop. I have no choice but to give them more weapons and hope they do better.

Churbleyimyam ,

"For fucks sake, I told you not to kill any civilians with those bombs!


Want some more bombs?"

Omega_Haxors ,

Surely you must have known this was going to happen.

ShimmeringKoi ,
@ShimmeringKoi@hexbear.net avatar

Not outraged enough to stop sending Isreal jets and bombs tho

EchoCT ,

So outraged that he's sending more bombers and munitions! Seriously, fuck this country.

How can I help our comrades in Gaza fight this?

mlg ,
@mlg@lemmy.world avatar

Imagine manufacturing modernized muntions and warfare technology only to sell it to the friendly neighborhood genocidal maniac who goes on to use the vast technological advantage to kill unarmed civilians, journalists, aid workers, and UN related staff.

And then pretending you actually care about blatant genocide.

merthyr1831 ,

selling 18bn dollars worth of fighter jets to israel im outraged, honestly. how dare they

NigelFrobisher ,

Then he signed a purchase order for ten thousand more orphan seeker clusterbombs.

Sterile_Technique ,
@Sterile_Technique@lemmy.world avatar
Sterile_Technique ,
@Sterile_Technique@lemmy.world avatar

"Hey, stop being evil! ...also here's like an entire military's worth of bombs n' shit so you can keep being evil."

Zuzak ,

So is he going to do anything material about it? Or is he giving that statement to the press and then immediately calling up Bibi to reassure him it's just for show? I have a feeling I know the answer.

WanakaTree ,

Shh Bibi is ok

answersplease77 ,

Biden is ok with the alshifa hospital boming that killed 400 lives just 2 days ago, but here we have 4 killed with international passports from countries he has to pretend he gives a damn about.
We have to wait until it's a European or American who is killed to be "outraged"?

cyborganism ,

Wait. You just now figured it out?


Arelin ,
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