FiskFisk33 ,
0x4E4F OP , avatar

Well, at least it's cheap 😂.

This reminds me of Cow and Chicken and pork buts 😂.

CosmicApe , avatar

Quarter pounder? Nah man, we got a hole pounder

PhlubbaDubba ,

For the folks who can't read Perso-Arabic script, the letters above suggest it's pronounced something like "ahnoo's burgers"

Also, it seems that Mr. Anus is Iranian, the letter used for the G in burger is primarily part of the Iranian form of the script.

simple , avatar

It actually says Anas Burger. Anas is an Arabic name and, I assume, the owner of that thing.

ZombiFrancis ,

The rebranding of Maqad Burger was only successful locally.

Murdoc ,

Reminds me of an episode of South Park.

garth ,

Two hot beef patties.
Which part of the beef is it?
Ketchup hides the truth.

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