Fuck Cars

Japan's Streets are Better... ( www.youtube.com )

The land of the rising sun is know for many things. Mount Fuji, Samurai, Anime, Sushi and wacky game shows. But what it isn't widely known for is its incredibly safe streets. Not just for drivers, but for people on bikes or just simply walking. I hope I can convey the simple safety of Japanese streets and the importance of...

Just a quick post about trucks and SUVs

If you ever find yourself tempted to buy a truck and/or SUV, just remember one thing: they're not worth it. They're a societal nuisance. They're a massive pollutant. The maintenance, repair, and insurance will cost you a whole lot more. Aside from the aforementioned pollution, They're overall environmental impact is egregious....

EU institutions commit to boost cycling across Europe ( transport.ec.europa.eu )

Today, the EU is taking another important step in reducing transport emissions by adopting the European Declaration on Cycling. In the margins of the Informal Transport European Council, Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport, will sign the declaration together with Karima Delli, Chair of the Transport Commitee of the...

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