FrankTheHealer ,

TIL Nova Lox is smoked salmon from Nova Scotia. Never heard of that before. Is it nice OP?

Dhrystone OP , avatar

Super delicious. But don’t ask me to differentiate it from smoked salmon from any other country.. :-)

I remember going on a cruise where they had a food bar open 24x7 on board; unlimited smoked salmon (amongst other things) and soda. Without exaggerating I must have eaten maybe 10-15lb of it over the course of a week. Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan. Literally.

CrayonRosary ,

You had me until capers. I don't see how anyone can enjoy that overpowering flavor. Especially on a sandwich that has the delicate flavors of salmon and cream cheese.

Dhrystone OP , avatar

It’s definitely an acquired taste but the flavor combo works really well. For me anyway. Full disclosure, I destroyed my tastebuds with high-chili curries during my youth so anything light in flavour isn’t always immediately appealing to me.

Capers and salmon is a very common combo.

Kolanaki Mod , avatar

picking off the capers

Sounds delicious!

Dhrystone OP , avatar
starlord ,


Asafum ,

I want it so goddamn bad but I can never bring myself to buy a $20 bagel... I love lox so much lol

Draegur ,

yeah holy shit that looks so good i'd almost be willing to pay twenty bucks for it. Fuck.

Dhrystone OP , avatar

This one was only about $8. Worth it.

Bangs42 , avatar

I was just saying earlier that I would kill for a good bagel place in town.

Hell, I'd kill for any bagel place in town.

downpunxx , avatar

The Garlic Bagel, the only other sort of Bagel I find acceptable if Everything is sold out. I like the looks of your Bagel, son.

Pronell ,

The ONLY problem with a garlic bagel is if you get one garlic bagel in a dozen, all of em are garlic bagels, with their pathetic background flavors muddling the garlic.

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