Anyone else having constant crashes with Firefox Beta (Nightly) on Android?

It has been ongoing for me for almost two weeks. At first I thought it could be my phone, but I got a new phone last week and it has been happening in the new one too. One crashes was system wide and caused the phone to reboot.

I suspected it could be a custom extension that I use (Control Panel for Twitter) but happens even while the extension is disabled.

anguo ,

I don’t experience many (barely any) crashes on my end. Running it on a Pixel 6a.

furycd001 , avatar

Was experiencing crashes until the last update was pushed. Now everything appears to be fine…

Templa OP ,

Thank you! It appears it is fine here too, Mull is having issues still but it will probably be fixed only when they update.

myofficialaccount ,

Same here, started about the same time. Sadly the crashes aren’t catched and logged…other crashes appear under settings > about Firefox> crashes.

It’s not even site related - after restarting firefox the sites load as expected.

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