Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV-inspired necklaces Kickstarter hit by Square-Enix DMCA because apparently the job icons are copyrighted artwork ( )

Damn, did not know a design this trivial in nature can be protected. They're not marked as registered logos in images, hence me thinking they'd be okay, and they had already removed all verbal mentions of FFXIV, Square-Enix and the job names and so on....

Letter from the producer scheduled for the 13th! ( )

The next Letter from the Producer LIVE will feature as part of our upcoming 10th Anniversary Celebration 14-hour Broadcast. Join us for the latest look at what’s to come in Patch 7.0, along with our segment "A Realm Resplendent with Warriors of Light," in which we showcase some fun FFXIV statistics!...

Yoshi P would just continue playing the game and complain to the dev team if he were to quit or lose his job ( )

This is from a summarization of an interview. The original interview (linked in the article) is interesting, but the highlights are that he doesn't feel like he's in any situation where he might get removed - which makes sense, seeing how big FFXIV has become in the MMORPG space and hence how much good marketing it provides for...

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