Scientists' urgent call: End destruction and forge a just, sustainable future ( )

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The authors argue that centuries of imperialism, extractive capitalism, and population growth have pushed Earth's ecosystems beyond their limits, and created a broadening pattern of social inequality. The review summarizes the grave threats facing the planet but rejects a "doom and gloom" philosophy. Instead, the authors argue, the threats should motivate swift and substantial actions.

According to the authors, a global economic model focused on wealth accumulation and profit, rather than true sustainability, is a major impediment to decarbonization, conserving natural resources, and ensuring social equity. Therefore, the authors argue, governments should enforce radical, immediate cuts in fossil fuel use, eliminate environmentally harmful subsidies, and restrict trade that generates pollution or unsustainable consumption.

Immersive_Matthew ,

We have read similar headlines and articles for decades yet overall emissions just continues to escalate with no signs of it slowing down. This video from Climate Town was jarring to watch as it is way worse than I certainly thought and I already thought it was trending bad.

I have lost hope and am preparing for climate catastrophes as best I can. Suggest you do to as while most agree we need to change, our group nature and those in control of them are not backing down and likely will not until it is too late. We will take action, but not until the pain is higher which we seem set on. Major change is needed globally with our our governance from top to bottom and right now that is not even on the table.

xePBMg9 ,

When people hear the words 'not sustainable', I fear that they are not grasping what that implies. If humanity keeps procrastinating on these issues, we are gonna have a bad time.

SoupBrick ,

The people with the power to enact strong, rapid change will be dead when the worst of it hits. So, why the fuck should they care. They got theirs. It is pretty damn disgusting, the lack of empathy, but there is no short term gain from them acting selflessly.

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