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The Fires Sweeping Across Texas Offer a Terrifying Warning ( )

Exxon’s own scientists foresaw these fossil fuel-driven anthropogenic changes about a half- century ago, but we’re still not ready for them, and neither are most of our fellow creatures. If I learned one thing from writing about wildfires, it is that this hotter, less stable world is not the “new normal.” We are entering...

Joe Biden says climate change deniers are "Neanderthals" — that's not fair to Neanderthals ( )

“I’ve been [in] helicopters in the West, in the Southwest and Northwest, flown over more land burned to the ground, all the vegetation gone, than the entire state of Maryland,” Biden told his audience, partly referring to the wildfires now raging in Texas. “The idea there’s no such thing as climate change, I love that,...

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