webghost0101 ,

I believe these are the types of toilets build by charitable organizations. One of the key reasons to do this is because a culture of doing your business in nature and increased population densities are carries of sickness.

The toilets are cheap to build and deploy and save lives

Its possible that this one is installed here specifically because it was already a commonly used toilet spot.

MissJinx ,
@MissJinx@lemmy.world avatar

Asians must be imune to knee problems, If I had to use a toilet like this I would just sit on the floor lol my knees don't work that well

FlaminGoku ,

It's more like squatting is part of their culture and they don't have knee problems because of it.

You can get there too. Start working towards deep squatting everyday and your knee pain will go away.

MissJinx ,
@MissJinx@lemmy.world avatar

to old and to fat for that, but I wish my knees didn't hurt! +1 for asian culture, another thing they are better at

snaprails ,
@snaprails@feddit.uk avatar

Many people in that part of the world retain the ability, largely lost in the “west”, to squat with their feet flat on the floor. That reduces the strain on the knees/leg muscles while “straining “ 🙂

PlasticExistence ,

Looks like where the T-Rex ate the lawyer in Jurassic Park

octesian ,

Ah, a man's romance.

Emperor ,
@Emperor@feddit.uk avatar

That's less a toilet and more crapping directly into the septic tank.

NegativeLookBehind ,
@NegativeLookBehind@lemmy.world avatar

Cut out the middle man. It’s more efficient and therefore the property value is higher.

odium ,


ColdWater OP ,
@ColdWater@lemmy.ca avatar


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