Does a colorscheme (for desktop or app themes) optimized for "Blue light filter" exist?

I found this post on Hacker News in it a comment that sparked my interest: “Only tangentially related but: I have a blue light filter (Plasma night color) always on on my laptop because I feel like, in combination with brightness reduction, I get less eye strain. I’ve always wondered if there exist a color scheme for desktop theme or IDE / neovim theme or whatever that is thought with night color in mind, i.e. it’s made specifically to be looked at with blue light filter reduction, so that all choices of color work, because for example I use solarized light in neovim but when doing diff I need to turn night color off because otherwise I can’t read selected text.”

Does anyone know if such a thing exist? I too have blue light filter on my PC on all the time so everything is yellow/red tinted depending on the time of the day but sometimes I have difficulties reading some text in certain colours because of it.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right community to ask this.

Carighan , avatar

Sidenote: medically speaking there seems to be no truly measurable effect of blue light filters on eye strain.

bionicjoey ,

The purpose of blue light filters isn’t meant to be reducing eye strain, it’s to reduce the influence of artificial light on your body’s sleep cycle.

That being said, some people have a preference for spending more time looking at a certain color, and warm colours tend to be better for people’s low-light vision.

Carighan , avatar

Yeah I know of that use. And while that’s also debated (as to whether the effect is strong enough to be useful), it checks out subjectively for me, too.

OP said it reduces eye strain though, and that got me thinking about those claims about the gunnar glasses that were debunked years ago so I went hunting whether any new research might have come up, but yeah, if anything it further concludes that eye strain reduction doesn’t happen. You’re right about subjectively preferred colors in dark environments though. Or subjectively preferring warmer colors in general, which is why it’s so weird to me that people leave those vivid-color-boost modes enables on their phones.

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