snownyte , avatar

The fediverse does bring me back to a time of simplicity, on the internet, in an age where the internet is in it's own boringdystopia phase. And has been for a while now. I applaud it's concern for privacy and how it handles decentralizing that while it doesn't entirely squash powertripping, it at least regulates it far better than any of the other bigger social media platforms out there does.

I have though, been finding myself yearning for more activity which is a shared complaint among users. Yes, I know that I am the content as are others and it should be my duty to help communities grow. But I also really don't like the sound of my own voice, so I don't really want to just see myself be the only one out there. Got to have wiggle room for others and can't just hog everything.

The fediverse has a ways to go and I quite frankly, don't think I have all of the time in the world to partake in it's growth. I've been online for nearly three decades now, to see it's own growth, it's own rises and it's own falls. My main concerns now is to have a debloated internet experience where the internet doesn't have much of a stranglehold on my life. Social Media as a whole is in of itself, very bloated whether it's fediverse or surface web. There's nothing that hasn't been done that social media promises it can do easier, because it's already been done before.

I just hope the fediverse achieves it's goals, as it's probably some of the few last beacons left in trying to make the internet more digesting and not as corporately sponsored. I'll keep a marker but really I'm just so damn tired of alternatives and social media in general as a whole.

Sabakodgo , avatar


  • smaller community (too many stuff on reddit)
  • awesome simple UIs (mastodon, lemmy)
  • many third part apps
  • people don’t respond with one word


  • instances disappearing
  • confusing at first
silas , avatar

I think it’s incredible, just needs some more love from users and developers to get it to a stable place. It truly feels like something we’ve all built together. I think the pros outweigh the cons by far

SamXavia OP ,
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@silas I do to, user love is really what this place needs more of (even know we have a lot already) as more posts we have the more people feel we might be a good place to use instead of places like Reddit.

xkforce ,

Pros: generally friendlier communities and discussions. Sufficiently shitty communities are defederated rather than tolerated until they gain the attention of advertisers. There are no advertisers, communities are voluntarily supported through donations.

Cons: Reddit is still about 100 times larger and therefore has more content. Sometimes posts/comments dont federate. Gatekeeping is still fairly common.

SamXavia OP ,
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@xkforce Yeah we has some really good pros, hopefully we get larger over time as I know if we had even 10% of the content that Reddit has we would have so many more people want to use the Fediverse rather than Reddit.

I've never really seen any gatekeeping on here, is it certain communities? if it is then people can just create another sub with the same name on another instance lol

xkforce ,

Its more like general gatekeeping of Lemmy itself. i.e some people want it to never become popular because they like being among the “special few”

SamXavia OP ,
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@xkforce Oh yeah I've seen that, it's annoying really as the Fediverse could be a really cool future for the internet I know I moved away from Lemmy instances a while back but still like the communities so hop back in for posts and stuff from my instance.

scottmeme ,

I love it. Don’t have to bend over and take it from the corpos and shareholders.

If we don’t like how one host runs their server we can fuck off elsewhere or run a server ourselves.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@scottmeme Do you think the Fediverse could be the future for 'social media'?

pepsison52895 ,

Not the one you replied to, but I don’t think so only because most people believe that it’s not as simple as your standard social media, and, to some extent, they’re right.

brown567 ,

I don’t know, I downloaded Boost for Lemmy the day it came out and setup was easier than it was for Reddit

I think the 3rd-party apps Reddit hated so much massively help cater to the preferences of users with varying levels of experience and dedication

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@brown567 @pepsison52895 As brown mentioned, things like 3rd party apps really help with stream lining the process, I know I was confused about Instances but with things like Tumblr, Wordpress & Threads trying to get into the Fediverse it's a promising sign.

I explain instances more like login in with emails, you can still communicate with the other but can't log in on the other one unless you have another account.

otter , avatar

Yes, for things that are focussed on the individual (microblogging Mastodon, photo sharing Pixelfed) or anonymous (threadiverse Lemmy/Kbin)

It will take much longer for things that are more about your direct community or for family members. That’s not really a Fediverse thing, I don’t think a new Facebook could take off easily either. It’s really difficult to get grandma to learn something new, and in some countries Facebook IS the internet (because of shady dealings and anticompetitive practices)

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@otter The hope would be more towards existing platforms adapting for the Fediverse at that rate, Tumblr already want's to move across to the Fediverse what helps some people join the fun but META's Threads is also a step into the Fediverse and if that does well maybe they will add Instagram and Facebook into the mix as well allowing Grandma to still see people's posts even if you don't want to be on Facebook itself.

Asudox , avatar

Ok. The activity isn’t great in here but at least there are some good posts that interest me in a while. I only use Lemmy actively though, Mastodon isn’t my thing as I never liked Twitter in the first place.

Clbull ,

Mastodon was my first experience of the Fediverse, and I forget which instance I joined. The one I chose chose was nearly empty and it felt like the only active user on there was the server admin. Abandoned it when I saw that the ‘Federated’ feed was completely filled with bots that reposted hentai from Reddit and various imageboards.

I’ve been looking for a Reddit alternative for a while now, but the ones I used before either died due to lack of users (i.e. Snapzu, Hubski and Syzitus) or got astroturfed into ultra white-supremacist cesspools (i.e. Voat and Ruqqus.)

Lemmy improved massively thanks to the Reddit exodus and apps like Boost and Sync being developed. Frankly I hope it doesn’t become mainstream because Reddit went to shit when everybody and their mother was using it.

totallynotsocsa , keeps banning my accounts for basic participation, which has been extremely frustrating since they have a lot of the most active communities.

The major ml communities have a pretty established track record of arbitrary rule enforcement. Eg, letting hexbears post thier pig shit memes, but then ml mods having a hair trigger on the ban hammer for everyone else.

I consider myself a leftist. A democratic socialist. I have studied political science and am genuinely comfortable discussing the academic principles thereof. Even so, I’ve caught bans for “genocide denial” for discussing the mass abduction of children, and more recently for pointing out that the US revolution generally avoided mass murder. At this point I basically have a soft ban, and anything even slightly against the grain get me another 30 days. The admins seem quite comfortable with some pretty rigid ideological protectionism, at best.

You can check my history and the modlog. I can be sarcastic and confrontational, but I am generally participating in good faith. It sure as hell feels like my ml accounts, and a few on other instances have been flagged for stepping out of line.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@totallynotsocsa I suggest trying out different instances, luckily it's the Fediverse you can move around and try some out, I see you're using beehaw and I hope that's a lot better for you, if not try Kbin / Mbin as they are great Instances as well.

totallynotsocsa ,

The problem is that these are very active communities which are some of my primary interests. I’m just browsing all and not even any particular instances. I’m commenting on things I see which look interesting and engaging with the content in an area I have interest and knowledge, but I seem to be doing so in a way which defies some unspoken orthodoxy.

It’s just been very frustrating. I’ve been a pretty prolific forum poster going back to Usenet and have several decade-old reddit accounts and I’ve never felt targeted or marginalized like this for what are honestly pretty mainstream ideas.

EnderMB ,

As a long-time Reddit user, before the Digg users joined, there are parallels to what Lemmy is now.

Frankly, I don’t give a fuck about the Fediverse. It’s a nice idea, sure, but the average person really doesn’t care. What I like is having a sane Reddit alternative with decent apps, so I can look at memes while I take a dump.

If there’s something to dislike, it’s the lack of content. There are no alternatives to many of the subreddits I used to frequent, like Hajime No Ippo and BJJ.

thorbot ,

BJJ, was that a sub for jeans you wear while getting head? /r/BlowJobJeans

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@EnderMB Yeah I really hope the smaller communities start popping off a little more as it would be good to have smaller subs like them grow and get created.

Aurix ,

I enjoy the mainstream content on here, but it is severely lacking in the specialized interests department. So if I had to ask important questions, I would do it over in reddit due to the bigger crowd and chance to find a good answer.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@Aurix Yeah I get that sort of stuff with ObsidianMD (A great Note taking tool) sometimes I have so many questions but not the community is very small on here compared to Reddit.

Hopefully this changes in the future, especially if Reddit is pulling away from Google and Bing Search.

endlessmeddler ,

What I like: Alexandrite for desktop Eternity for Mobile

Dsklnsadog , avatar

Eternity is the best, it’s perfect like infinity. I usually only realize I’m on lemmy because of the quality of the users

endlessmeddler ,

Not to quell your enthusiasm or anything, but I’d say it’s definitely close to perfect. I really like it much better than any of the other options I’ve tried so far. I also made some suggestions to the developer, who was very receptive. I’m excited for the potential for sure!

skybreaker , (edited ) avatar

I still get my click fix without having to resort to scummy Reddit, but I miss the niche communities which just don’t exist here yet.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@skybreaker It's why I'm trying to encourage people who enjoy smaller communities like that sort of community to try and grow them, try and be the change you want such as more posts, comments as well as useful content about things, you never know if someone might be trying to find the information and then find it on the community.

adam_b , (edited )

Confused by duplicate communities ( community of the same name and topic hosted on different servers beehaw and for example ), so I follow them both and judging by which one is more active, I unsub from it

Edit : from the one that’s not very active I mean … 😅

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@adam_b Yeah sometimes it's because they don't know about the other one or it's because the other one might have different rules and stuff but tbh it's just like finding 2 subs of the same topic on Reddit with slightly different names. Hopefully people come together a bit more but it's still an option if someone just tries to control a community.

June ,

I’m still frustrated by the sorting on lemmy and still have to use top 24 hour to feel like my feed is current. I feel like I don’t get breaking news as quickly as I did on Reddit a that frustrates me and leads me to lurk /r/all occasionally.

Mastadon has all the content I want but no people in the places I’m at. Feels very empty.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@June It's one of the reasons I use Kbin/Mbin is because I can follow people who are on Mastodon and still get there content on the Microblog area as well as see the the Lemmy stuff through Threads (the tab not the application).

AgentGrimstone ,

I like that there are zero ads, not even in the app I’m using. It’s kinda weird.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@AgentGrimstone You get people advertising there own things but that is almost understandable and you can just block the person if that's all they talk about.

AgentGrimstone ,

I guess I’m lucky because I haven’t come across even that yet.

You did remind me that I have blocked users and communities that are in a language I don’t understand. That would be the one dislike I have, I wish there was a language filter.

SamXavia OP ,
SamXavia avatar

@AgentGrimstone Yeah, a language filter would be good, just not sure if most people would click the correct options 100% of the time.

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