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Welcome aboard!

Hi all, welcome to kbin.run! This instance is run out of a datacenter in Chicago, IL. Please be aware that I'm trying to stay in lockstep with the latest code commits/setting optimizations from @ernest, so unexpected outages may occur as I push thru config changes... but I will try to minimize downtime as much as possible....

[RESOLVED] Incident 20231108 9:21 PM CST

The Chicago, IL data center where kbin.run is hosted out of is having intermittent connectivity issues. Service appears to be working now, but further interruptions may occur while the network admins troubleshoot the problem(s). I will mark the issue resolved once I receive the all clear....

[REQUIREMENT] Login to subscribe to any "new" federated items

There has been a long standing issue of guests and/or bots subscribing kbin.run to an exorbitant number of seemly random magazines with either no content or super strange topics. As the site admin, I was getting automatically subscribed to each and every one... this issue has since been mitigated by a recent /kbin update that...

[NOTICE] Random logouts are possible after new code is published to server

Sorry if this "bug" is impacting anyone, but it happens after every code update because I forcibly reset the current state of the server (aka clearing code and db caches) so as to not cause any stale 500s with the latest commit. /kbin is still a pre-alpha piece of software, so things get updated very frequently as new pull...

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