Grass ,

That would probably vapour smooth really nicely if you are equipped for abs

Corno ,

Yo this is sick!! What 3D printer did you use if you don't mind me asking? I've always wanted to print little figurines like this and feel a bit overwhelmed about which one to purchase.

Sami OP , avatar

Anycubic Mega Zero V2. Nothing special just an Ender 3 clone/budget model. Does involve a lot of filing and sanding though

Cris_Color , avatar

Looks excellent!

Seasoned_Greetings ,

There's something so satisfyingly full-circle about 3d printing Megaman.EXE.

Thank you for this

khlinxchaos ,

Stl? That's really really cool.

Sami OP , avatar
khlinxchaos ,

Thank you!!

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