Does a colorscheme (for desktop or app themes) optimized for "Blue light filter" exist?

I found this post on Hacker News in it a comment that sparked my interest: “Only tangentially related but: I have a blue light filter (Plasma night color) always on on my laptop because I feel like, in combination with brightness reduction, I get less eye strain. I’ve always wondered...

Self-hosted calendar that isn't Nextcloud and can send e-mail reminders, not just pop-ups

I’m trying to de-Google my life and self-host more. One tricky point with me is calendaring. I can get a CalDav server running and syncing with my Android phone without much hassle, but I haven’t yet found a server or client that can send e-mail reminders for events, rather than just pop-up notifications....

Why didn't anyone remind me the dual booting exists?

I was talking to my dad yesterday and he talked about how he dual booted windows and Linux in his college days. I immediately left to download Ubuntu, I feel so dumb for forgetting it’s an option. I literally only use windows so I can play Fortnite with friends. PSA: you can have both Linux and Windows, or you can use a vm in...

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