There should be a way to give directly to the developers

I realize that, after all this time, I have never payed for my all-time favorite games I grew up playing (Fallout 3 & Skyrim). I can pay for it, but I really do not want to pay the money to the Bethesda’s marketing team, CEO, and whoever bullshit middle man who wants a cut of that. I want to give directly to the team that made...

Feature Request: Search my own comments/saved/upvoted/downvoted from profile?

It would be nice, and I don't know if it's because the functionality doesn't already exist in Lemmy, but it would be nice to be able to limit one's search to one's own comments/saved/upvoted/downvoted easily--the profile menu where these are listed would make the most sense. The search functionality to search all of lemmy and...

Anyone else notice more tankies/hexbear type users than usual on /all the past few weeks, across most of Lemmy?

I know they've always been on Lemmy, but it seems like the past few weeks it's slowly increasing, making me want to just stay on beehaw /local. Showing up on more communities, even on instances that ban that type of trolling explicitly....

Download Steam Workshop content with Steamtools (found on FMHY)

Recently I found this program called Steamtools where you can add games to your Steam library without owning it and Workshop etc. worked. Now I wanted to install some mods for Automation (which I downloaded through rin) and now it doesn't work anymore. It always says CONTENT STILL ENCRYPTED. Does any of you know if it works...

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