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@georgetakei Cube rule eliminates this possibility, as a hot dog is not ever a sandwich; it's a taco.

I'm down for hot dogs as breakfast tacos; I'll use butter and maple syrup instead of mustard and ketchup.

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And there you have it. The debate is settled.

thegansen , avatar


Never understood this debate. My preference varies based on my mood!

nazokiyoubinbou , avatar

@georgetakei My rule of thumb is things should roll towards you instead of away from you. Toilet paper is usually below you so should roll over to go towards you without you having to dig down under to get to it and such.

Conversely, paper towels are sometimes hung up high and you have to reach up. They should roll down towards where you will be reaching and not require you to have to reach over.

Life is so much simpler when you don't overcomplicate simple things like reaching for TP.

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Reason number 5 billion why libraries are the best ❤️📚

obob , avatar

Corral Carrel

raiaren , avatar

@georgetakei That is so awesome!! 👏 👏 ❤️

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This is now a Mazda Tribute account.

Sir_Osis_of_Liver , avatar


I like it. 🙂

"This is not the best SUV in the world. This is the best SUV in the world...Tribute."

vinc , avatar

@Alice @Tiezep I used to own the Hybrid 4x4 version! They probably made about a bakers dozen of that combo (all other Hybrids I have seen did not have 4x4).

Great car. The problem: Mazda dealers did not know squat about the hybrid system. They literally had the “hybrid guy” come once a week (probably from Ford). I started having some problems with the electric drivetrain and gave up on trying to have it fixed.

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I am proud to announce a new AI startup backed by major VCs. Check it out:


Finally it is my turn to shine 😊

hansvschoot ,

@nixCraft that should be http on 8080, or https on 8443 with a drizzle of snake oil of course ;-)

herdsoft , avatar

@nixCraft The 8080 has been replaced by the 8085 in 1976.

Kellyshenanigans , to ActuallyAutistic group

@actuallyautistic is scripting a trauma thing and not an Autistic thing? Background: My kids are starting at a new school, and I'm trying to get them to practice an introduction script so they'll know what to say. But they don't want to practice a script. No one taught me to script: I had bad experiences and started on my own. My kids are definitely less traumatized than I was. I want them to have a good experience, so it's not an area I want them to face natural consequences if I can help it.

Nuncio , avatar

@BernieDoesIt @Kellyshenanigans @actuallyautistic
Also - the original post has no context, so... I came up with my own

BernieDoesIt , avatar

@Nuncio @Kellyshenanigans @actuallyautistic Ah, the joy of the Fediverse, where everyone gets only half of the conversation!

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A pack horse librarian delivering books in rural Kentucky in 1938. During the Great Depression, the Pack Horse Library Project was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) program in which the librarians, who were often called "book women" or "book ladies," delivered books to remote parts of Appalachia.



lydiaschoch , avatar

@mostaurelius @bookstodon @gargantua This is so cool. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful thing they did.

Arthur_500 , avatar

@mostaurelius @bookstodon

In my neck of the woods, we have infromal Libraries located at bars and laundromats

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This is such an important article. I hope people read it.

There is a ceasefire proposal in front of Hamas, one drafted by Arab nations, and Hamas is rejecting it. It would rather see the war continue and the Gazans hurt or killed, rather than provide a reprieve.

Maybe that's because Hamas leadership isn't in Gaza. They live elsewhere, in other countries far away from the fighting, and yet on the ground, Hamas runs Gaza.

What Israel should or should not do, or how it should conduct the war is absolutely a question on the table, but fundamentally a ceasefire must be two ways, a ceasefire from both sides, and if Hamas does not accept one for the sake of the Palestinian people, then it's they should should be attacked by the media.

Gaza must be freed from Hamas so the people there can live full lives, and for the possibility of peace.

funbaker , avatar

@serge oh. Sea lioning. It seems I'm getting to old for this shit.

However. Two way cease fire. But you either fail to or don't want to see that it's innocent targets here and there.

serge OP , avatar


So much of what you've written is either complete nonsense or dog whistles.

And the gall of a Spaniard to talk to a Jew about this topic without acknowledging your nation's historical role in Jewish suffering is quite amazing.

Never contact me again.

LincolnRamirez , to bookstodon group avatar

Need help to decide what to read next, enlarged my physical TBR too much this weekend and now can't make up my mind...


Sayaka ,

@LincolnRamirez @bookstodon yeah, that's a solid point. I do hope you enjoy it if/when you get to it.

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RememberUsAlways , to palestine group avatar

has offered full support to and other resistance groups in as they struggle against the Israeli occupation and its atrocities against the .

Haniyeh, who lost three sons last week to an airstrike in north of thanked Velayati for his condolences and said that he was happy that his children had been martyred on the path to liberate the Holy Quds.


strypey , avatar

Western interventions in the Middle East are a major driver of the militant and fundamentalist Islamism you falsely conflate with Islam in general. Let's not forget the CIA-trained Mujahideen producing the first wave, or the funding of militias allied with "Al Queda" to fight in Syria. The US enablement of similar fundamentalist factions in Israel is another major driver of ME conflict.


@RememberUsAlways @palestine @israel

shekinahcancook , avatar

@strypey @RememberUsAlways @palestine @israel

I absolutely do not conflate the two, and misrepresentation (ie lying to set up a straw man you can knock down) gets you an automatic block.

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Sam Altman tells a room full of VCs with a straight face that he will take billions of their money, build AGI, and then ask it how to generate a return! — OpenAI business plan.

Sam Altman tells a room full of VCs with a straight face that he will take billions of their money, build AGI, and then ask it how to generate a return!

garretsidzaka , avatar

"The answer is 42!" -Deep thought AI

vintprox , avatar

@nixCraft Kinda reminds me of clueless braggarts that made an insulting entry for Studio Ghibli.

sordid , to World News avatar

(Tasnim) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cautioned the Zionist regime to avoid further adventurism, lest it receive a blow much harder than the lawful retaliatory strike

that Iran launched against the Israeli military targets early Sunday.



freagle ,

You're really going to have to withhold judgment on damage reports from entities with deeply vested interests both domestically and internationally to not talk about damage. From the video footage, it looks like damage was done to military targets deep inside Israel and that's all that's needed. The prevailing Israeli strategic hypothesis was that their air defense prevented Iran from striking inside Israel without exposing itself. The video footage appears to invalidate this hypothesis. For a very paltry amount of money, Iran causes Israeli air defense to consume hundreds of millions of dollars of materiel and still fail to stop the attack. A slightly larger attack will therefore do more damage, and a coordinated multi-actor attack will do even more. That's all the victory Iran needed, it broke the taboo of attacking Israel directly, it broke the hypothesis of impenetrability, and it did so while giving Israel advanced warning. Remember, during the strike, the skies in Gaza were quiet because Israel downed its entire air force.

No, Iran did not launch a decapitation attack, no it didn't launch a massive attack. It launched a precisely measured attack and it was the most cost effective attack we've seen so far. Couple this with Iran seizing a massive Israeli shipping vessel and gathering support from allies, and this is a major development in the conflict.

It will be Israel, the USA, and Western Europe who will expand this conflict, and that will bring further international condemnation and collaboration. If Iran went significantly bigger, not only would it risk strategic depletion, it would also be more politically ambiguous for its allies and future allies.

But all accounts except for total damage done, this was a successful operation.

mlg , avatar

I never said the resistance is pathetic you illiterate moron, at least bother to read my comment.

All I said was Iran will likely accomplish nothing compared to Hamas by itself.

nixCraft , to random avatar
shannonpersists , avatar

Yes all of this! 😂💯

standev , avatar

@nixCraft 5) notice typo

gavi , to random

whenever i post content warned posts about antisemitism i often lose a few followers........... do people read bios...................

littlemiao , avatar

@gavi I wonder if that happens to me and I just don’t notice it because I can’t remember how many followers I had.

shekinahcancook , avatar

@littlemiao @gavi

I am not sure the counter actually works. It basically says I haven't lost any followers since last fall, which I don't believe at all. And it also says I'm following about 200 more people than follow me, and I usually only follow back, not aggressively follow people. And I've blocked a LOT of people I used to follow, so I'm wondering if the counters really are accurate.

tchambers , to Fediverse News avatar

Welcome @jbouie to actively posting on the

For those new to his writing:

cc: @fediversenews

maggiejk , avatar

@tchambers @fediversenews Thanks I can’t figure out how to follow that one.
You’re awesome for helping me though.

czarbucks , avatar

@tchambers @jbouie @fediversenews

Enjoy his writing, hope he posts here.

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